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Five New Years Day Ideas

By |2021-12-28T15:02:47+00:00December 25, 2021|Entertainment|

New Years Eve is going to be here before we know it! Hopefully by now you have been able to check out some of our NYE ideas and have had some time to think about what it is that you want to do to celebrate the new year! For those

Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

By |2022-05-07T18:24:07+00:00May 7, 2022|Entertainment|

Looking for last minute ways to make Mother's day even more special? Throw a fun and thoughtful brunch for your mom! Here are some additional way to spruce up your Mother's day brunch tomorrow! Set the Vibe: Fresh flowers (check out my DIY guide for making the perfect spring floral

What To Gift On Valentine’s Day

By |2022-02-08T23:43:37+00:00February 6, 2022|Entertainment|

Every store is full of pink and red. Chocolate candy is prolific and you can’t turn on the tv without jewelry commercials reminding you that it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I do love the idea of taking a day to shine a light on the one you love. It is really

Twenty-Five Self-Care Ideas

By |2022-03-09T20:06:50+00:00January 19, 2022|Self-Care Tips|

Over the past few weeks, we set out on a hunt for the best self-care ideas we could find. With the New Year, we have had self-care on our minds as we are setting out to make this year a year with more self-love and acceptance. We know the journey

The Ultimate Friendsgiving Checklist

By |2021-11-17T07:09:43+00:00November 17, 2021|Entertainment|

Sara and I are now firmly in our 20s. We left our childhood home, we graduated college, have moved to multiple cities and now are figuring our how adulting works.  As we are exploring adulthood, we are also finding that our friends are becoming the family we choose, a family

How To Celebrate Halloween As An Adult

By |2021-11-08T15:45:41+00:00October 21, 2021|Entertainment|

Isn’t it crazy how much the meaning of Halloween changes as we grow up? We are all still young enough to remember trick-or-treating with friends when we were little; the excitement of getting home with our pillowcases (or your designated Halloween candy  bag if you were fancier than we were),

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