National Tequila Day – Cocktail Guide

July 20, 2022

Happy National Tequila Day! 

Those that know me well, know that tequila is always my drink of choice when it comes to liquor. While I may no longer be all about the tequila shots like I was in college, I love a cool tequila mixed drink, especially in the summertime.  

There are, of course, so many tequila mixed drinks to enjoy, but I have a few favorite combos to share with y’all on this National Tequila Day, in addition to my favorite simple tequila drink

Tequila can be STRONG at first for someone who doesn’t drink often or hasn’t tried many types of liquor. However, I’ve found that when incorporated with the right ingredients, tequila can be really delicious and refreshing in a cocktail. 

In honor of National Tequila Day, here are some of my favorite tequila-based cocktails!

Ranch Water – My absolute favorite and most ordered drink: a ranch water is essentially tequila, lime juice and sparkling water (in Texas it usually is served in a Topo Chico with a lime 😉

Paloma – Tequila, sparkling water, grapefruit juice, and lime (I always feel sophisticated when I ask for a Paloma.) 

Jalapeno Margarita – Tequila, fresh orange juice, agave, and lime. 

Spicy Bloody Maria – Tequila, worcestershire sauce, tomato juice, and hot sauce with your choice of garnishes (I love olives and celery sticks!)

Mexican Tequila Mule – Tequila, ginger beer, and lime. A tequila version of the traditional Moscow mule. 

Got any recipes you want to share, drop a comment below!