How to Style And Organize Small Spaces

February 22, 2023

Whether you live in an apartment with roommates or simply have a smaller living space, it can be challenging to figure out where to put all of your stuff when you don’t have a lot of room. I know this feeling all too well, as I lived in smaller-sized apartments for years before relocating with my husband a couple of months ago. 

I didn’t have access to a basement, attic, or additional storage area in my apartment, so I had to make do with the space I had. 

Luckily, this forced me to get creative with how I organized my stuff, and I have picked up a lot of helpful tips and trips for maximizing my living space along the way. 

So if you’re struggling with piles of clothes and boots scattered across your place, here are some of my best organizational hacks for elevating small spaces! 


Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

One thing I had to come to terms with when I lived in an apartment was that I needed to get rid of a lot of stuff. This included old clothes I hadn’t worn in years, books, decorative pieces, and anything else that didn’t serve a purpose.

I suggest spending a day cleaning out your closet and sorting things into different piles. Create one pile of things to sell, one for things to donate, and one for things to keep. This will help you compartmentalize your belongings and figure out what is most important for you to keep. 


Utilize Under-the-Bed Storage

If you don’t have a ton of storage room in your place, utilizing the space under your bed is a great option. You can purchase storage bins and vacuum-sealed bags to keep out-of-season clothes, shoes, and accessories out of your way until it’s time to break them out again. 

Another perk to storing things you’re not currently using under your bed is that they are close by in case you do need to access them for some reason!


Install Floating Shelves

Not only do floating shelves look super cute in any living space, but they can also help store some of your belongings and knick-knacks in a way that shows them off! I also love floating shelves in the kitchen as a way to store your nicest plates and cookware, so that gorgeous Le Creuset dutch oven you got for Christmas will be proudly displayed instead of collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere. 


Utilize A Minimalist Approach To Style Your Space

I’ve talked about this before, as someone who loves boho interior design, a boho minimalist style was something that I aimed for when I moved into my apartment in Dallas. While it may be totally hard to switch from having lots of decor to a minimalist style, there are some simple tips you can take and incorporate to elevate your small space! 


Incorporate Mirrors

Mirrors are great for small spaces, especially if you want to create a more open larger feel to your space. Make sure you can hang them to avoid cluttering your space! Check out these five stores to find affordable tall mirrors


Utilize Furniture With Different Heights

If you are starting from the beginning and have a small studio space, consider buying a bar-style table for you to eat at because not only will it help elevate the small space but it will also take up less space by doing, especially when you can tuck in the bar stools underneath your tall bar sized table!