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Fun Drink Recipes For The Holidays

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:27:11-04:00December 17, 2021|

With Christmas just over a week away - we figure that y’all are at peak holiday party season to which we thought we would be helpful and make your holiday party season a little more easier in preparation by sharing some fun drink recipes! For Thanksgiving, we shared a post

Fun Drink Recipes: Apple Cider Sangria

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:42:31-04:00October 29, 2021|

Following up on our previous post, on four of the best cupcakes recipes to bake and decorate for the holidays, we are thinking ahead to some of the yummy drink ideas that we look forward to celebrating with this Fall. One of those particular drinks is apple cider sangria! Although

Fun Drink Recipes: A Simple Tequila Drink

maddieshieldsRecipes|2022-06-06T18:43:33-04:00July 24, 2021|

In honor of National Tequila Day being this Saturday, July 24th, I (Maddie here) am sharing a simple and fun drink for all of y'all who are tequila connoisseurs, much like myself, to enjoy! For any of you who are familiar with Texas drinks this will remind you of the

Fun Easy Super Bowl Recipes

justlivingblogRecipes|2022-06-06T18:27:11-04:00February 12, 2022|

Can you think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Weekend than watching the Super Bowl?! I love getting together on Super Bowl Sunday. It’s a great time to be together for a casual gathering, and is much more laid back than all the holiday festivities we just participated in

Four Fun Easy Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

justlivingblogRecipes|2022-06-06T18:27:11-04:00February 3, 2022|

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a significant other or you are all about celebrating Galentine’s Day with your besties, cooking some fun and easy desserts is always a great idea. So, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite fun easy recipes that you can make this

Fun Girls Day Out Ideas To Do This Winter

justlivingblogEntertainment|2022-06-06T18:28:12-04:00January 11, 2022|

Baby, it’s cold outside! That means we have to get creative in our outings so we don’t freeze to death or be just plain miserable cooped up inside our apartments alone. We just slid through the holiday season where we were constantly on the go visiting family and while we