My Twin Nursery Essential Finds

February 17, 2023

As mentioned in my packing for the hospital post, in preparation for the arrival of the twins,  I have been getting ready and nesting by setting the nursery up! I still have room to add decorations and will share as I go, but when it comes to the essential items, such as the cribs and changing table, we are officially all set! I took a while to research and read reviews on nursery essentials, and these are what I ended up deciding was best for the nursery space:


What I Got For The Twins Nursery


Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – The most important part of the twin nursery: the cribs! I love this simple design so that it can grow with the twins and be converted into a bed. Plus, the design is so simple that I knew that I could style the nursery however I wanted to! The setup requires two people and someone handy at setting up cribs (thank you to my mom), but it wasn’t as long of a process as you may expect! 


Delta Changing Table – I debated between this and getting a bureau and using the top as the changing table, but after reading many blogs and reviews suggesting this as the top changing table, I decided to purchase it as well. I like that there is space to put bins down below for onesies. As for the rest of the clothes, I am using the closet as space to put all their baby clothes into. This way, I still have lots of room in the twins’ nursery. I also like that this has little sides, whereas lots of the changing tables with bureaus didn’t. Additionally, this was quick and easy to assemble, which is always a perk. 


Skip Hop Diaper Pail – Just a glance at this design and it was a yes for the twins’ nursery! Between it being narrow and space-saving and having storage for organizing essential products – this was a great find for the nursery! 


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