Five New Years Day Ideas

December 25, 2021
Happy New Year Sign

New Years Eve is going to be here before we know it! Hopefully by now you have been able to check out some of our NYE ideas and have had some time to think about what it is that you want to do to celebrate the new year! For those of us who are wanting to stay in on New Year’s Eve, we are taking the time to think about  how we can actually go big and celebrate the holiday on New Years Day! There is so much focus and push on how to celebrate New Years Eve but the more years we spend in our twenties the more we have shifted our focus and concern onto how we spend the actual first day of that new year.  Of course, we don’t want to put too much pressure and set some absurdly high expectations but we look forward to spending the first day with a good mindset by doing something unique and fun to celebrate what we hope is a unique and fun new year! So for those of you who may be like us and wanting to take it easy this NYE – consider planning something different to do on the first day of 2022 to feel like you still are celebrating and creating memorable moments in the New Year!

Five New Years Day Ideas: 

  1. Make a commitment. Sign up to do a new class! Whether it is signing up for weekly classes to learn something new or it is a new fitness class you have yet to try out. Start your New Years off right by committing yourself to picking one and signing yourself up! We heard of someone who had signed themselves up for floral arrangement classes that are held virtually and meet on a monthly basis which sounds so perfect because who wouldn’t love to know how to make a beautiful floral arrangement for their home or for loved ones?!
  2. Spa Day – Whether it is purchasing yourself a well deserved spa day to relax after the holidays or it is an at home spa day- can you think of a more refreshing way to spend new years than a night in followed by a day of self-care spa day?!
  3. Brunch! If you are thinking of staying in for new years eve but wishing you had an occasion to wear that cute outfit in your closet – then make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and go big on brunch! Invite your friends or family. We may not be wanting to drink too much on New Years Eve but in our opinion a casual day drink always leaves us feeling much better the next day than a night out so why not enjoy that mimosa bar over a delish brunch!
  4. Host a New Years Day game day watch party for the college football bowl games! Whether you are a college football fan or not- this can be used as the perfect reason to have friends over who you may not be going out with on new years eve but still wanting to celebrate the new year with! Have some apps ready to go or plan to order takeout for the group and have fun by making some fun drink recipes. We know that the two of us are looking forward to watching Michigan in their bowl game and can’t wait to spend New Years Day at home with our family and some delish  fun easy recipes!
  5. Explore a nearby town or trail. Wanting a change in scenery but not able to take a trip or mini vaca for New years?! Pick a cute nearby town or trail that you have yet to spend time in and go for the day. Whether it is a small idyllic town that you can walk around the shops and grab a bite to eat or it is heading to a remote region with lots of hiking and walking areas- pick your place and head out for some New Years Day exploration!

We hope that you have many unique and fun moments in 2022 and hope that your New Years celebrations are wonderful! For those of you still looking for New Years Eve ideas- check out our blog posts here to get some inspo!