Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas

May 7, 2022
Image of Mothers Day Brunch

Looking for last minute ways to make Mother’s day even more special? Throw a fun and thoughtful brunch for your mom! Here are some additional way to spruce up your Mother’s day brunch tomorrow!

Set the Vibe:

Create a Signature Cocktail:

Create a cocktail using flavors/elements your mom loves. If she’s a floral girl, make a drink using lavender or rose syrup/petals. Come up with a clever name and write it on a small chalkboard.

Choose the Food:

Choose a mix between breakfast and lunch foods for an authentic brunch feel. Salad, pastries, bacon/eggs/toast, etc. Go the extra mile by designing a menu on fancy paper.

Don’t Forget the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift:

  • A framed photo of the two of you
  • A pretty piece of jewelry
  • Interest-specific gifts (if she’s a foodie who loves to cook, buy her an apron with a pretty pattern. If she’s into beauty, book her a day at the spa or a blowout at a nearby salon, sports? tickets to one of her fav sports teams)
  • For a longer list of mothers day gift ideas, check out my gift guide of ten gift ideas for Mother’s Day here.

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