My Most Used Drugstore Beauty Products

February 23, 2023

While there are definitely splurge-worthy expensive beauty products that I love, some of my most used beauty products are actually drugstore products that are super affordable.  These beauty products have proven to be the best bang for your buck as I use them every single day. So the next time you are looking for items at your local store or if you are making your next Amazon order, check out these affordable finds:


My Favorite Everyday Affordable Drugstore Beauty Products

Cetaphil Gentle Skin CleanserThe only facial cleanser that I use. This is perfect for those with sensitive skin too as it is just gentle enough to get the dirt off and does NOT dry your skin. I use this over the facial cleanser because it feels less drying. 

Cetaphil LotionNot only do I use this on my face but it is also my go-to body lotion, so basically a two-for-one deal! 

AquaphorAn everyday must. This is my biggest aid in a hydrated fuller lip look. 

SheaMoisture Coconut OilOne of my favorite beauty hacks is to use coconut oil for healthier hydrated hair, a brighter smile, and as part of my nighttime routine to help get makeup off. I usually grab a tub of this from the nearest drugstore and it lasts forever! 

Nyx Lip LinerThe only lip liner I use to this day! I get the shade nude pink for a very natural enhanced lip look. Combine this with the shine and hydration from the Aquaphor and that is all that I use for my lips!  

Wet n Wild Micro Brow Pencil – An everyday must-have in my purse. This is great for on the go and gives you a very clean brow fill-in. The micro pencil is just small enough to outline the bottom brow line and fill in areas that are sparse. 

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