My Go-To Grocery List: Must Haves For Quick, Easy Pregnancy Meals & Snacks

February 9, 2023

As I have mentioned countless times, my hanger has been absolutely real during pregnancy. Some of the lessons that I have learned during pregnancy are to never leave the house without snacks and to always have quick and easy meals prepared for those extra hangry moments. As someone who is a pescatarian, these are my must-haves in my kitchen to avoid hanger during pregnancy and to ensure I always have nutritious meals and snacks for on-the-go when limited on time.


My Must Haves For Quick, Easy Pregnancy Meals And Snacks


Must-Have Meals & Ingredients

Eggs, eggs, eggs: You can purchase a carton of eggs or purchase a bag of hard-boiled eggs, which is extremely helpful for when you instantly need some protein. But all in all, eggs do not take long at all to make and are super healthy in general and great for pregnancy. These are an absolute must on my grocery list. 

Nut Butter and Jam: My personal preference is almond butter and raspberry jelly. This sandwich combo gets eaten almost daily. 

Quinoa: Did you know that at certain grocery stores, you can purchase frozen quinoa?! That is something that I learned within the past few months and has come in super handy for a quick 10-minute meal. While you can definitely purchase quinoa and make it in a short amount of time, I like to have the frozen combo on hand for those extra hangry moments when I need to eat within a matter of minutes. I loveeeee quinoa and adding in dried fruits, nuts and veggies to put together a quick salad. Or if I am really in a rush to eat something fast before a bigger meal, I will simply add in dried cranberries and shaved almonds to make a slightly more filling snack before I eat something bigger. 

Frozen Veggies: For nights that I am far too hungry to run to the store to get fresh veggies, having a range of frozen veggies comes in handy. Plus, these are great to mix together and enjoy as an additional side to your meal. Plus, I can mix these into quinoa to make a quinoa salad in a matter of minutes. 

Frozen Cooked Shrimp, Salsa, Guac, and Corn Tortillas: This is a very quick, easy meal packed with protein that, as a pescatarian, I certainly appreciate! Of course, I have checked with my doctor, as everyone should beforehand to see how much seafood and how often I can make these. I love shrimp tacos and having frozen, cooked shrimp on a night when I am starving and want something tasty to fill me up right away.  

Frozen Meals: I always have to have at least a few frozen meals in the freezer, just in case. Luckily there tend to be a lot of meatless options for frozen meals these days that I can keep on hand! 


My Must-Have Pregnancy Snacks: 

Almonds, Dried Cranberries, Cherries & Chocolate: For some substance and a quick trail mix snack, I love combining almonds with something sweet like dried cranberries or cherries or chocolate. Or even better, combine them all! 

Oat & Protein Bars: Personally, I love having a few boxes of Bobo’s on hand at all times. These are quick snacks that are easy to pack in a bag because, as we all know, it is never a good idea to leave the house without snacks. 

Fruit: Of course, this is necessary and can be mixed together to make a delish fruit salad in a matter of minutes!