Fun Things To Do In The Fall With Friends

October 22, 2021
Image of Sara and Maddie sitting with Pumpkins

While the Summer will most likely always remain our favorite season, we have always been appreciative of all that the Fall has to offer. In some ways, we wonder if it’s more that the Fall leads to the winter (our least favorite seasonal weather) that makes us put Summer on more of a pedestal because when we think about the Fall and what it means to us as far as the activities, celebrations and even just aesthetics – there is just as much to love about the Fall as there is about the Summer. Additionally, this happens to be the first Fall for Maddie in a warm climate so there may just end up being a tie for first place when it comes to favorite season knowing that I won’t be experiencing much of a winter. But regardless of where you live, the Fall means more mild temps, cooler night air, pumpkins everywhere, football season is in full swing (go blue!) sweater weather (okay that’s more in the northern states) and I can order something pumpkin flavored everywhere I go and my obsession for snacking on pumpkin seeds seems more fitting! have more a normal reason for the amounts of pumpkin seeds I eat!

The fall also presents so many new options for fun activities to do with friends. We think that spending time with your girlfriends is an important part of life at our age, so we came up with some fun ideas for fall activities with your favorite ladies.

Twelve Fun Things To Do This Fall With Your Friends 

  1. Go pumpkin picking. This is an essential fall activity, but we have a fun twist! When you all arrive home with your pumpkins in tow, take turns writing sweet messages on each other’s pumpkins. Everyone will go home with some adorable decor that also serves as a reminder of how much our friends love us.
  2. Apple picking! This is another one of those musts for fall if you haven’t already done it- but make sure to do it ASAP before apple picking season is over!
  3. Plan a murder mystery evening. Everyone receives instructions for the party, so they get to dress up in character and try to solve a mystery by chatting with all the other guests. It is a great way to introduce different friend groups and is a unique experience. To help keep costs down, have everyone bring a food item/drink to share!
  4. Have an overnight Halloween movie marathon! Have popcorn, pizza, an ice cream bar, and wine. To keep expenses down, have everyone bring something to contribute. Check out our spooky season movie guide for fourteen movies we recommend watching this Halloween- both scary and non-scary picks!
  5. Do spooky season at the nearest entertainment park! We recommended this as a fun date idea but this is such a fun one for friends who love amusement parks  because typically these places go big for all the Holidays!
  6.  Check out a local festival together with your friends.
  7. If you aren’t able to attend your local football games, why not host a tailgate party at your place? Ask everyone to wear their fav football attire and cheer on your teams from home! For the most fun and easy snack to have at a tailgate that everyone will enjoy- check out this recipe we shared for the simplest nacho dip appetizer 🙂
  8. Host a fall book/tv club. If you enjoy reading this is a great opportunity to get together and discuss a book you have read together. Additionally – you can do a tv show version to a book club to discuss the latest debuts of your favorite or soon to be favorite Fall shows!
  9. Have a picnic at a local park on a nice Fall day- wear your best sweater weather outfits, pack some wine if the occasion calls for it and enjoy the fall crisp air and the outdoors with delish food!
  10. Host a wine and cheese night in!
  11. Sign up and run in a local race together or sign up and do a few new classes together! If it is too hard to coordinate- you can always plan ahead to do weekly zoom workout seshes at home!  We’ve talked about it a lot on both our insta and the blog but we so appreciate all those amazing online dance cardio classes to do with your besties and can be done from anywhere! Starting a self-care activity such as fun movement can be a great way to gear up for the Fall and stay routine throughout the winter when we all want to hibernate more.
  12. Throw a Friendsgiving! We love this idea of having a Thanksgiving feast with your local friends.

For more ideas, check out this great article on Thought Catalog website!

We did say this was for you and your girlfriends but guys will enjoy it too! And these could also be great date ideas. Enjoy spending time with people you love this fall and let us know what you tried that you loved!

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