What To Gift On Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2022
image of a gift bag that says happy valentines day

Every store is full of pink and red. Chocolate candy is prolific and you can’t turn on the tv without jewelry commercials reminding you that it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I do love the idea of taking a day to shine a light on the one you love. It is really a day dedicated to all things love, which means you can be super cheesy and no one will judge you for it. So if you are coupled up, enjoy it! Take advantage of Valentine’s Day and all the super easy, cheesy, fun ways to celebrate love. I have curated some ideas of that are simple enough to be put together just in time for Valentine’s Day that can be personalized to gift something thoughtful and meaningful to make them feel that extra love on this holiday!

Simple And Thoughtful Ideas For What To Gift On Valentine’s Day  

  • Handwritten Notes! In a time where meaningful conversations are had through text messages a handwritten note is so appreciated and so much more romantic! It may seem old fashioned but in our experience it is so much more meaningful and your significant other will feel that and appreciate it! Write love notes or sexy notes, put them in envelopes, tie them up with a cute bow, and leave them around for your love to find! If your significant other loves flowers- leave flowers with the card, if they love sweets leave a box of chocolates!
  • Create an album of your best memories captured on your phone. Again another idea that seems more outdated when everything is done online but taking the time to put together the best photos and print them out and make an album for your special someone to have on hand is a great present to shower them with love!
  • Scrapbook! This is similar to the suggestion above but may take more time. But if you have a trip that the two of you went on or have highlights from the past year together- consider purchasing a scrapbook and getting creative with decorating each page with special memories. Again these are often overlooked in a time where everything is done virtually but it is a thoughtful meaningful gift that your loved one can have with them forever and from experience it is very appreciated!
  • Bake them something delish! We have shared our four favorite Valentine’s Day recipes and love the idea of baking for that special someone and putting them in or on a Valentine’s day platter and wrapping them up with a bow and a card!
  • Put together a Valentine’s Day basket! Purchase a basket and fill it up with your loved ones favorite candies, their favorite drink(s), and a gift card and or a small little gift! Add in a framed picture of the two of you and wrap it up and you have a variety of gift ideas packed into one for your love to open!
  • Order their favorite type of cake (everyone has to have one right?! Funfetti, ice cream, chocolate and vanilla, etc.) and personalize it with a little message on top. Enjoy it for after your Valentine’s Day dinner and of course a meaningful card to go along with this delish gift!
Image of a Valentine's Day Card

As cheesy as it sounds- when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts! In our experience,  a gift with a love note has been one of the most meaningful and appreciated Valentine’s Day gifts! 

We hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day! If you are looking for more ways to celebrate love this holiday check out our Galentine’s Day ideas here