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Beachy Boho Decor For Your Entryway

Decor|2022-08-04T13:52:49-04:00May 7, 2022|

If you’re anything like me, you LIVE for some good boho decor. So with summer right around the corner, I’ve been shopping for some new cute things to transition the entryway in my apartment into the warmer months, AKA putting my credit card to work and adding everything I see

Spring Living Room Boho Decor 2022

Decor|2022-07-02T04:23:16-04:00March 12, 2022|

Living in a one bedroom apartment, I take great pride in making my living room reflect the season that we are in and with spring just days away you know that I have already got my place set up and ready to welcome this enjoyable season! When we think

Beachy Boho Decor Ideas

Decor|2022-07-02T04:00:26-04:00January 14, 2022|

Having grown up in a very small beach town in Massachusetts and having rowed in high school and part of college- the water makes me (Maddie here) feel right at home. Now that I am living in Dallas- being by the water is not available which is why I have

Boho Decor Ideas: Where To Shop For Affordable Decor

Decor|2022-07-02T03:50:42-04:00September 3, 2021|

After sharing our tips for affordable apartment furniture last week- we thought that it only made sense to follow up with a post regarding the fun part of moving in- décor! As apartment renters, we especially love décor for its ability to totally transform any given rental into a personalized

Boho Decor Ideas: A Simple Boho Minimalist Guide

Decor|2022-07-02T03:22:24-04:00May 21, 2021|

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, Sara and I both moved to Dallas! It's a very exciting time for of us-- brand new city, new places to explore, new people to meet, new experiences and lots of adventure. While there is so much excitement surrounding this amazing opportunity, of course there

Boho Decor Ideas: Tips For Long Lasting Flowers

Decor|2022-06-06T18:51:35-04:00March 30, 2021|

Back for another #JustLivingFlowerTip! For any new readers, we are your go to besties to discuss simple and fun lifestyle tips, especially when it comes to flowers! Having a mom who once was a floral designer, (maddie here) I feel especially lucky to be able to have an expert to

Boho Decor Ideas: DIY Holiday Floral Decor

Decor|2022-06-06T18:51:35-04:00March 17, 2021|

Two in one day because it is St. Patty's Day! This post is a fun flower tip that we just discovered ourselves this past weekend and could not wait to share it with y'all! This tip allows you a flower arrangement of any color that your heart desires and is