Boho Decor Ideas: Beginners Guide to Boho Holiday Decor

November 9, 2021

If you have been following us for awhile, you know my affinity for Boho decor. I’m in my mid-twenties, and trying to coordinate trendy decor in my apartment is just NOT something I have the time or energy to do. So, I LOVE the boho way of decorating; it is super eclectic and can be a mix of all of my favorite colors and patterns, making shopping for decor easier and much more fun! Plus, it makes sense for my budget, and accommodates my ever-changing style. Last but certainly not least- boho style represents a more free, creative and relaxed sense of style that I love to evoke, especially in the place that I call home!
As we move into the holidays, I want to continue the Boho theme with my holiday decor so that my apartment is festive, but still fun and free-spirited. When you’re out shopping for Boho holiday decor, think about mixing textures and colors to add uniqueness to your space and help create the vibe you’re going for. Some ideas for your Boho Christmas decor are trees with different materials like ceramic, wood, and bottle brush, which can all be put together into one beautiful and unique display.
Try using natural blooms, dried fruits, and fabric in your decorating. Think neutral colors and natural elements to bring your home together for the Boho look this season. If you find yourself being a boho lover like us that are all for floral arrangements- check out our guide to making the perfect floral arrangement at home! Choose colors that feel festive to you and if you want to take it one step further you can get some decorative arrangement pieces with some sparkle and glitter to add some extra holiday cheer into your home this holiday season.

Check out these bloggers for more boho Holiday decor: 

There are some amazing bloggers who have done a wonderful job of putting together Holiday Boho decor that have really inspired us, and we wanted to give you a look to help inspire you to have some fun decorating this holiday season! Because this is a beginners guide, we are going to keep it short and sweet. Check out our roundup of fabulous blogs for Boho ideas for holiday decorating, and decide what elements you love and want to try this year. Don’t put any pressure on yourself, just have some fun creating! And if you absolutely fall in love with it, you can go even harder next year!
Happy Housie – for modern and boho decor. AHA ideas – natural elements like DIY eucalyptus garland; she also suggests yarn, wood, and beads as wonderful decorations.
Shelterness – for 25 bold and whimsy decor ideas. AHA ideas – non traditional Christmas trees and DIY Christmas wreaths.
Digs Digs – for inexpensive and crafty ways to create Boho holiday decor. AHA idea – stick Christmas trees with pom poms and artificial flowers onto your Christmas tree!
And, if you want to make the process of putting together your Boho Christmas decorations even better, here’s a fun idea: select a DIY project from the blogs or from our DIY floral arrangement and holiday decor guide  and invite some friends over for hot cocoa and create your decorations together!

What did you discover that you can use this holiday season to add some free-spirited fun to your decorating?

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