Beachy Boho Decor For Your Entryway

May 7, 2022
Image of boho decor entryway

If you’re anything like me, you LIVE for some good boho decor.

So with summer right around the corner, I’ve been shopping for some new cute things to transition the entryway in my apartment into the warmer months, AKA putting my credit card to work and adding everything I see to my Amazon cart.

A style I love (especially during the warmer months) is the beachy boho look, such as the beachy boho bedroom, and while Dallas isn’t exactly close to the beach, I’ve been trying to channel those vibes through the decor I choose. Amazon has been amazing when it comes to finding super cute home decor on a budget, and I’ve found that a lot of their pieces are dupes of more expensive products from stores like Pottery Barn!

Beachy Boho Entryway Decor 

Here are four of my favorite affordable Amazon finds for creating a beachy boho entryway.

Wood Knot

You’ll love this wooden knot piece if you’re into the nautical look but don’t want your entryway to look like a Long John Silver’s. The white painted wood matches with virtually any decor style or color scheme you already have going on but will add a tiny touch of beachy vibes to your entryway.

Faux Palm Leaf Greenery

Look, plants are great, but why are they so hard to keep alive?! Luckily, you can still achieve the plant mama look with this faux palm leaf plant from Amazon.

Any type of palm leaf plant will instantly make your guests feel like they’re on an exotic tropical vacay, and a faux version guarantees that you won’t have to worry about any upkeep.

Decorative Books

I know what you’re thinking: why would anyone spend money on blank books? Well, if you’re a boho minimalist like me, and obsess over this boho minimalist jewelry, these blank decorative books make great entryway decor without being an eyesore.

While scrolling on Amazon, I found it difficult to find decorative books that didn’t have some sort of design or saying on them. However, these cream-colored ones are perfect for adding a touch of class to your space while sticking to the beachy boho theme.

Ceramic Modern Vase Set

Finally, these geometric ceramic vases will have your guests thinking, “wow, she has REALLY good taste.” And while these vases aren’t exactly beachy and boho on their own, they look amazing when paired with other decor pieces in your space or next to a palm leaf plant.

What I love about this set of vases is that they look much more expensive than they are and can really elevate your entryway.

Are you updating your space for summer? Use these beachy boho decor pieces to transform your home and pair them with your modern boho clothing for that ultimate boho look. Be sure to snap a photo of your entryway and share it with me!

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