Boho Decor Ideas: DIY Holiday Floral Decor

March 17, 2021

Two in one day because it is St. Patty’s Day! This post is a fun flower tip that we just discovered ourselves this past weekend and could not wait to share it with y’all! This tip allows you a flower arrangement of any color that your heart desires and is especially useful for the holidays that call for those colors that aren’t typically found in flowers! I learned this trick this past weekend when I saw green flowers in the store that looked really cool and funky– GREEN Flowers, more specifically, green Chrysanthemums (mums)! So of course being that we are all about celebrating any and all holidays as much as we can, these were quickly purchased for the house! As you can tell from the picture, these are a combo of the dyed green mums along with the original color it came in– white. So here’s the cool tip– going forward if you want specific colored flowers that doesn’t come in a certain color, you can put dye into the water of the vase and get your desired color of choice. That’s it– just some dye and water and the flowers soak it up– turning a white flower into whatever color you were wanting! So whether it be that the store doesn’t carry the pink, yellow, purple that you are so longing for this spring or for any occasion that calls for a not so frequently found color within the stores, buy some dye and white flowers and voila there you have it! And in case you are thinking ahead like we are to future months we are listing some holidays where you can consider decorating with this floral tip!

Ways to get creative with this floral tip:

  • St. Patrick’s day – Green Dyed Flowers
  • Easter – Purple Dyed Flowers
  • Mothers Day – Bright Pink Flowers
  • Fathers day – Blue Flowers
  • Memorial Day Weekend – Blue Dyed flowers to go along with some red and white ones
  • July Fourth – Same as above Dyed Blue flowers to go along with some red and white flowers