Boho Decor Ideas: Where To Shop For Affordable Decor

September 3, 2021

After sharing our tips for affordable apartment furniture last week- we thought that it only made sense to follow up with a post regarding the fun part of moving in- décor! As apartment renters, we especially love décor for its ability to totally transform any given rental into a personalized humble abode to call home. So, for today we are sharing stores that we ourselves have shopped around at to find styles that resonate with us—which can mostly be categorized as boho. This list varies when it comes to styles and prices, but if you shop around and take advantage of sales you can be sure to find some adorable boho décor at affordable prices!

  1. Urban Outfitters Home –  Urban outfitters is particularly appealing if you like boho, youthful and trendy décor. They have so much from bedding, furniture, to wall art and all décor in between! Honestly their stuff is so cute – that it’s hard to not add multiple items to your online shopping cart. The prices will add up—which is why it is important to take advantage of their home sales which they seem to be having frequently!
  2. Target –  If you look online- we are fairly certain within a few minutes you will find multiple pieces of décor to your liking. If anything, it is hard to not leave with more than you planned for or needed. Target has lots to offer for bedding, throw blankets, decorative pillows, wall art and of course furniture. If you love those shaggy rugs or stools – they have plenty of that here! Either way, it’s worth the online shop for boho lovers! And if you are just looking for décor to match your color scheme—you can be sure to find staple décor items here that will work with any color scheme you have.
  3. Etsy –  You can find more personalized boho themed décor here if you want to customize a throw pillow, blanket or just find something very unique and handcrafted- don’t forget about Etsy! Although you will have to be willing to allow for some time for customized pieces but you are sure to find a favorite boho decorative piece if you can give yourself and the living space some time to wait for a handcrafted piece!
  4. Michaels – Again, a hit or miss but definitely at affordable prices that you can’t beat! They have everything from DIY projects to basic picture frames to massive framed boards for those who want a picture collage and then they have basic kitchen décor and small mirrors to choose from! Especially during the holidays this is a place to shop when on a budget!
  5. HomeGoods – and stores similar to Homegoods in your region (TJ Maxx, Marshalls) Shop these places to find discounted pieces. While these places can be hit or miss depending upon the week, usually if you search long and hard you will find a few affordable pieces to compliment your boho styled apartment. These places can be great too for throw blankets, decorative pillows, wall art and kitchenware and our fav: seasonal décor! If you are a boho lover who loves adding crystals into your humble abode, like myself (Maddie) I have come across lots of crystal décor at various HomeGoods stores. Additionally, I have had much luck for my boho beachy style so be sure to give these places a few shopping trips!