Boho Decor Ideas: Tips For Long Lasting Flowers

March 30, 2021
A big floral arrangement

Back for another #JustLivingFlowerTip! For any new readers, we are your go to besties to discuss simple and fun lifestyle tips, especially when it comes to flowers! Having a mom who once was a floral designer, (maddie here) I feel especially lucky to be able to have an expert to refer to as a resource, thus giving me more reason to share with y’all here on the blog– especially for those who are still learning so much about these beautiful gifts from mother nature, much like we are!

This past week, I, along with my mom, celebrated a birthday- which in our family means receiving lovely floral arrangements! We fully enjoyed these lovely arrangements and anticipated having them to look at for about a week before they would begin wilting away. Now, about ten days later, I am in shock to report back that while one arrangement has begun wilting away the other is as lively as the day received. Which has furthered my reason for needing to share this very helpful informative flower tip with y’all! So for your next floral purchase, consider these three flowers that are long lasting and just so happen to be budget friendly, making them a great investment:

  1. Alstroemeria – Reasonably priced for flowers, of course long lasting and very easy to care for– just cut and put into a vase.
  1. Carnations – Another affordable, long lasting flower choice AND these have a sweet smell (can still smell it as I type).
  1. Chrysanthemums – They are long lasting, affordable and offer a very unique and interesting look to add into your arrangement.
    Close up of carnation flowers in an arrangement

    These carnations are still smelling sweet and looking lively ten days later!