Boho Decor Ideas: DIY Winter Floral Arrangement

December 30, 2021
Image of a winter floral arrangement

In our preparation for the holiday season- we had thought a lot about decor and fun ways to spruce things up around the home which led us to thinking about what decor we could or would keep around past the holidays. It can sometimes feel sort of sad after Christmas with taking down the Christmas tree but still wanting something festive to keep around or decorative for the celebration of a New Year. If you too feel that way then consider this- creating your own DIY winter floral arrangement! For those of you who may have missed our boho decor guide for creating your own floral arrangement then no worries because we are sharing with you a step by step to make your own winter floral arrangement and these steps are both ideas from the two of us boho lovers and ideas we  picked up from my (maddie here) mom who used to be a floral designer!  So below you can find steps to creating your own winter floral arrangement- which is not only perfect for your own home but perfect to gift to loved ones and is just another thing to add to your list of new acquired skills for the New Year!

Steps To Create A Winter Floral Arrangement: 

  1. Purchase a clear vase for floral arrangement. Pro tip – Michael’s is a great place for affordable options.
  2. Head to your grocery store to gather a variety of flowers (Trader Joe’s usually has some great affordable flowers). Select three different types of flowers for your arrangement to achieve some depth and variety. Consider roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, stock, greens, Christmas ever greens (Christmas may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep those seasonal greens around!). As for the colors, we still love the idea of reds and whites because not only do they continue with that holiday cheer but the next major holiday is Valentines day which as we all know red is the popular color of choice so why not keep that red decor going throughout the winter?!
  3. If you want to keep some of that sparkle and shine that is popular in celebrating NYE – consider purchasing sparkly pine cones or spray painted cones to add into your winter floral arrangement. This is not only cute but it will liven up your living space even more! Again look at a Michael’s for these or purchase them on amazon!
  4. Once you have everything, fill up your vase halfway with water.
  5. If you are using greens, add those to the vase first.
  6. For each type of flower add in odd numbers for an elegant arrangement. Depending on how many you have purchased add 3,5 or 7 of each type of flower. Feel free to trim the stems of the seven flowers to make them similar hight but remembering to keep each of the three types of flowers of different heights to give depth to your arrangement.
  7. Once you have a full arrangement, remember to fill the arrangement every other day with fresh water to keep it alive longer!

We hope you have fun and enjoy creating your own winter floral arrangement. For more floral tips check out our posts here