Beachy Boho Decor Ideas

January 14, 2022

Having grown up in a very small beach town in Massachusetts and having rowed in high school and part of college- the water makes me (Maddie here) feel right at home. Now that I am living in Dallas- being by the water is not available which is why I have turned to decorating my home in a way that brings the beach vibes to me.  Decor is amazing when it comes to what it can do for our spaces and not just from a style perspective but what it can do for our moods which is why we are such fans of boho decor. With boho decor you can easily mix and blend styles and decorative pieces in a way that isn’t super matchy- matchy and gives you lots of flexibility. Personally, I feel that this style is perfect for creating a very homey feel with creativity and relaxation. If you have seen our other boho decor ideas you probably know some of our favorite basics for decorating with this type of style but what we have yet to share is our favorite ways to turn a boho space into a more beachy boho space! Below, I am sharing some of the subtle ways and basics that I have relied upon to create more a beachy influence into my boho humble abode so that you too can get some ideas in decorating your apartment/ home and find out why beachy boho is so amazing in creating a relaxing  home environment.


Beachy Boho Decor Ideas


  The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about beachy boho decor is the color blue! Not only isImage of a green plant and blue decor it a great color because it will remind you of the ocean but as we have mentioned in the past- colors can influence our moods (aka color therapy) and blue promotes a sense of clam and relaxation which is exactly how I want to feel upon entering my apartment especially my bedroom! Although blue is my go to, I much prefer to use it more subtly. I like to have accent pillows, art work, blankets that are a lighter shade of blue or almost a greyish blue to really make me feel more relaxed. I typically, will keep things like bedding sheets all white, partially due to my more minimalist boho style but partially because it allows me to use different styles and colors of throw pillows and to mix and match and still have it all compliment each other.  Aside from blue- green is the next go to color to add in. I tend to do so with either the wall art and or my plants.

Decorative Items

Aside from the wall art- the best way to transform your space into a beachy one is with all the little decorative items that can be added to your shelves, side tables, and countertops. While these items can be small, they can make a huge difference. In decorative your living space- consider things like glass candle holders with beachy shells inside. Often times you can find sand, shells and other beachy mixes at places like Michael’s for affordable prices.  As mentioned above, green is another great basic color it incorporate into your home so including greens into your space, whether they be fake or real, really gives you a much more nature but ocean vibe. I have had luck with finding coral decor on amazon to incorporate into my living space and I absolutely love it! Consider white or blue coral to incorporate into your space.  We are major fans of aromatherapy, which means we love a good beach candle or two in our homes. Check out our favorite self-care candles to read more about this one particular brand, Farm + Sea,  that sells amazing scented candles that as the name suggests are reminiscent of the beach!

Wall Art 

One of the best ways to bring the beach into your home is by doing so with your wall art. When it comes to decorating my home space, I do love the ability to totally transform a place with wall decor. Being that I am more of a minimalist- I like to have a few large pieces of artwork to personalize my space while keeping it clutter free. As you may have guessed, I am a fan of wall art with images of beaches because what better way to bring the beach into your home?! I have both a painted piece that is an image of a beach as well as a photograph above my bed with my hometown; both of these are pretty pieces that totally set that beachy boho theme.

Places To Shop For Affordable Beachy Boho Wall Art:

  • If you are someone who likes to take photos- consider any vacation pictures that you may have taken and get it printed onto a canvas to bring an even more personalized look into your living space.
  • A go to of mine is etsy to find art work in a wide range of prices and they have a ton of beachy boho decor here!
  • T.J. Maxx (this is a huge hit or miss for wall art but usually I find some sort of beachy boho decorative item)
  • Second hand stores- Again a hit or miss but you can luck out with a nice piece of art work that wass probably once worth much more than you would typically spend on decor but at a much discounted price!
  • Urban Outfitters– There is always boho wall art to be found here! Check out these pieces that would make a wonderful beachy addition to your bohemian home.
  • Amazon– Check out the collection of beach imagery on amazon and especially from Kate and Laurel Slyvie!
  • World Market– Again, am affordable store to visit if you have one close by or shop online!

These are some of my favorite ways that I have successfully brought the beach into my home here in Dallas. What are some of your favorite ways to bring the beach to your home?!

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