Spring Living Room Boho Decor 2022

March 12, 2022

Living in a one bedroom apartment, I take great pride in making my living room reflect the season that we are in and with spring just days away you know that I have already got my place set up and ready to welcome this enjoyable season! When we think of spring colors, often we think of cheerful, happy, peaceful colors that often are associated with the holidays such as Easter and  Mothers Day and while there are so many different colors to appreciate and choose from, I absolutely love lavender/ purples. So this year, I have chose to incorporate lots of lavender decorative items to my living room and have complimented the with plenty of greenery to bring out that contrast while also evoking that sense of spring awakening.  Of course, there are so many ways you can decorate with boho styles, which is part of the reason I love boho style, but I wanted to share some of my personal favorite ways along with where to shop and find both cute and affordable seasonal, spring boho decor items for you living room!

Spring Living Room Boho Decor 2022: 

Tips For Decorating Your Boho Living Room With Lavender and Greenery: 

When decorating a living room, there are several ways to add boho style to your decor. The thing I love about boho is that it helps you create a unique vibe to your space with lively colors and unique patterns. If you are already established in your apartment, fully furnished and decorated and everything, then consider adding some lavender throw pillows with unique patterns to your couch and chairs. They don’t need to match; that’s the beauty of creating a bohemian look in your living room. Aside from the basics of incorporating fun lavender pillows, consider purchasing a comfy purple throw blanket. In addition to pillows and blankets, I have added in accent decorative items such as my amethyst crystals, purplish little trinket tray along with decorative lavender books.

If you have lots of wall space to fill and love boho like I do, consider adding greenery to your walls. This is perfect for seasonal decor too because you can put up greenery decor on your walls and take down and replace with whatever new seasonal decorative wall item you may be wanting to add in.  Check out these ideas from The Spruce for adding greenery that is in keeping with the boho theme you’ve established in the living room.

In addition to your walls the most practical way is it add little and small green plants to your side tables, shelves, book shelves and center tables! Of course, a nice floral arrangement is always complimentary to your spring boho decor living room and you can make this process even more fun by creating your own floral arrangement (check out this step by step guide on how to make your own spring floral arrangement)! While I have discussed some  tips for long lasting flowers to choose from when making a floral arrangement, I would add to the list that for adding greenery to your apartment, consider purchasing many succulents from your local grocery store because not only do they last long and are perfect look for boho decor but they are low maintenance and do not need to be watered nearly as often and mine are often great with once a week watering!

Tips On Where To Shop For Affordable Spring Boho Living Room Decor: 

I have discussed some of my favorite places to shop for affordable boho decor that you can find here! A lot of great seasonal items can be found on that list of stores but if you are like me and don’t have a ton of patience to online shop and wait for the decor- consider making a day of shopping and head to your nearest T.J. Maxx and Michael’s to find very affordable boho spring decor as they typically load  up on whatever decor for the current season! In addition to this list, a great store that I have found to have literally every season in store and every types of style (of course boho is included) is At Home. If you are a babe on a budget and want to venture to a store that will have aisles and aisles of home decor then At Home is the store you should dedicate a better part of your afternoon shopping at. The most recent At Home store I visited was almost entirely organized by every color which makes it so much easier to decorate for a boho living room space with lots of lavender and greenery! Also this is a great store to shop for tall fake plants too!

I hope you have fun decorating your living space this spring with lots of boho decor! Let me know if you have any suggestions or tips on where to shop:)

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