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Recipes|2022-06-06T18:27:11+00:00December 31, 2021|

Four Easy Game Day Appetizers

Although it may be New Years Eve, the two of us are celebrating the fact that Michigan has made it to the Orange Bowl and will be playing Georgia tonight! While we could go on and on about our excitement and the season our wolverines have had, we will spare

Entertainment|2022-06-06T18:28:12+00:00February 5, 2022|

Ten Galentine’s Day Ideas

Whether you’re single or loved up this Valentine’s Day, dealing with the Valentine’s festivities for an entire weekend can seem rather daunting. We’re sure that many restaurants will be full of couples, complete with balloons, flowers, chocolate, and wine. But as I mentioned in the self-care for Valentine's Day- this

Dating|2022-06-06T18:13:19+00:00December 22, 2021|

New Year’s Eve Ideas For Couples

Having a date for New Years can make the holiday that much more fun! It gives you someone special to celebrate with and to cuddle up with to enjoy the countdown and celebration. And of course, you have that guaranteed New Year’s Eve kiss (among many other fun potential ideas,

Entertainment|2022-06-06T18:28:12+00:00December 21, 2021|

Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas

Last weekend I visited a local mall along with two of my friends to check out the holiday gift selection available and to feel that extra holiday spirit with the  holiday pop up shops and decorations that the malls entice you with! Quickly, we realized that this idea of heading

Dating|2021-11-17T07:23:21+00:00September 29, 2021|

Cute Inexpensive Date Ideas

While the two of us are proponents of grabbing drinks for a first date idea- we are well aware that dating around and going on date after date can quickly add up! To be fully transparent- we love being treated and do find fancy date ideas appealing on occasion but

Beauty|2022-05-02T01:59:43+00:00May 2, 2022|

A Review Of Kosas Eyebrow Gel and Pencil

We all know that thick, full brows are in. With microblading, eyebrow tints and now even eyebrow transplants being a thing that is talked about, there is a huge focus on how we can achieve a natural but full brow look. For some of us achieving that thick brow look

Travel|2022-06-06T18:25:35+00:00March 26, 2022|

Tampa Travel Guide For A Girls Trip

I just got back from a trip to Tampa and while I have spent a ton of time in Tampa since last spring, I have yet to put together a guide for y'all to consider!  The Tampa Bay region is most well known for its beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, 3