Ten Galentine’s Day Ideas

February 5, 2022
Image of valentines day decor with a be my galentine written in word art

Whether you’re single or loved up this Valentine’s Day, dealing with the Valentine’s festivities for an entire weekend can seem rather daunting. We’re sure that many restaurants will be full of couples, complete with balloons, flowers, chocolate, and wine. But as I mentioned in the self-care for Valentine’s Day– this holiday doesn’t, and shouldn’t, be just about romantic love. It’s a great time to show your love for everyone in your life! And one amazing way to celebrate platonic love is to host a Galentine’s celebration with your best girl friends! So for those of you who are looking for fun ways and ideas to celebrate this holiday with your besties, I have come up with a list of ten ideas that are fun and easy plans to make with your Galentine’s!

Ten Galentine’s Day Ideas: 

  1. Go big and get all dressed up in your cutest outfits (especially pinks and red colors) and go to dinner somewhere nice and then head out to a fun club or bar with good dancing! 
  2. Host a girls night in. With wine, chocolate or charcuterie board have a relaxing but fun night in. For entertainment you can pull together a list of movies from our  best Valentine’s Day movies suggestions to watch and make it even better for you and your singles besties- consider helping one another out on the dating apps! This is a low key fun thing to do when in the presence of other very single friends to help one another out!  Sometimes we do need a little help from our besties in the love department and receive some helpful guidance from someone who knows us very well and our dating history to help sort through potential matches!
  3. Host a brunch with mimosa’s. Everyone can get together at your place and cook together or cook ahead and come together to enjoy a delish brunch! Who knows after a mimosa or two y’all may be wanting to head out and do a little bit of bar hopping!
  4. Plan a spa day. Whether it’s an actual spa that you go to or its going to your favorite nail salon and getting mani pedi’s this is a fun way to pamper yourselves and spend time with each other!
  5. Go to the movies! I haven’t been to the movies in so long that now this idea does feel more unique and more of a night out option! Back in college I remember doing a Galentine’s day celebration with all my roommates (I lived in a house the last two years so there were a lot of us)  to go see a rom com and the theatre was packed with what we assumed were other girls doing the same thing celebrating the holiday with their besties!
  6. Sign up for a paint and wine night. This is a fun relaxing evening that is interactive enough to keep you entertained but also bonding!
  7. Shopping Day! Head to an outlet or mall that y’all haven’t been to yet that also has good restaurant options to grab dinner at the end of the shopping day!
  8. Host a game night. This could be in place of a movie marathon or it could be its own thing but a game night always leads to fun!
  9. Search for bars near you that may be hosting singles night or a Galentine’s Day celebration. Sometimes when you are single you feel like every place is catered towards couples but they would be missing too many potential customers by being exclusive- so consider looking into the bars or events near you to see where that bar full of singles may be!
  10. Explore an area that is new to you and your besties. Whether its a walking trail next to a beautiful lake that you have yet to go to or it’s exploring a part of your city that you have yet to really experience- pick a place and have fun exploring and getting out to do something different with your besties!

We hope y’all enjoy spending time with your besties, showing them extra love during this holiday and feeling that extra love around you! Let us know what fun ideas you have planned for your Galentine’s Day 🙂