Self-Care Ideas & Tips: Fun Activities For A Family Night In

August 6, 2021
Word Art that says its not where but who we are with

While the two of us love the adventure and fun that comes with the city life, we also deeply appreciate the serenity and peace that accompanies a more rural setting. We have been made especially aware of this, recently, with the two of us being away from city life in Dallas and in more remote regions while away with our families. What we both noted was our shared appreciation to disconnect and be fully present in the moment, with our loved ones, that had made both our trips so amazing. This made us realize that while the change in settings can present different opportunities, it is our ability to be fully present in the company of our closest loved ones that makes for the happiest, most memorable moments! As cliche as it sounds to say that its not about where you are but who you are with, we can’t say enough for having quality time with loved ones which is why we are sharing activities to have a fun but meaningful night in with your loved ones!

Five Ideas For A Family Self Care Night In:

  1. Dinner Night and Discussion: Sitting down, with phones away, over some delish food is one of the most basic but amazing ways to spend time quality time with family. Meals are a shared experience and enjoying them with loved ones is even better! One of the ways to add to this experience is to go around sharing highlights of each others week along with their challenges, also known as rose and thorn. As cheesy as it may sound to incorporate a formal icebreaker, it can be a way to create meaningful conversation amongst the group and connection!
  2. Cook Together: Do you have a cook in the family who is always impressing you with their skill?! If they are willing to do so, asking them to lead y’all in making an amazing dinner and or recipe to try out can be an awesome way to learn something new as a group and highlight said loved ones passion and then get to enjoy a delish meal as the end result!
  3. Group Activity: While we mostly mean a sport- this can be any form of physical activity. This is one of the most underrated unexpected ways that we have found to bring some fun to the group, especially when its a sport that we are all new to as it adds to the fun and lots of laughs!
  4. Game Night: A sedentary alternative to the suggestion listed above but just as much fun! Prior to 2020- we thought of game nights as an activity to pass the time or for kids, but we realized how wrong we were as games have become the top of our list for group activities! And we have found as the older the group gets, the more hilarious it can be to play games like what do you meme with some of the most ridiculous jokes! Additionally, activities like large puzzles with some wine and background noise level entertainment can be just the perfect fam night in!
  5. Movie Night: We are never ones to knock this idea and while it is less of a interactive activity– having a night in with delish food, snacks, watching a movie that the group loves or has yet to see is a relaxing low effort idea that you all can easily participate in and easy way to get the group together! With the summer olympics on we have found this to be the easiest way to get the whole group together, no matter the level of interest in sports, just the idea of watching a world wide competition can gauge the groups interest plus there has to be one sport the group can enjoy!