Four Easy Game Day Appetizers

December 31, 2021
Image of spinach artichoke dip

Although it may be New Years Eve, the two of us are celebrating the fact that Michigan has made it to the Orange Bowl and will be playing Georgia tonight! While we could go on and on about our excitement and the season our wolverines have had, we will spare you the time so that those who are staying in tonight and or those who anticipate staying in for a big game day in the upcoming month can find some fun and easy recipes to make! There is never not a moment where a fun easy recipes isn’t appreciate but especially when it comes to a game day where you and your group are more focused on a major playoff or bowl game- having apps that are just as fun to make as they are to enjoy is always the right way to go! So we are sharing with y’all four fun easy recipes to try out for your next big game day at home!

Four Easy Game Day Appetizers: 

Close up of the Nacho Dip with the caption "the best nacho dip appetizer"

The Simplest Nacho Dip Appetizer 

This is one of our very own fun easy recipe originals that is perfect for your game day at home! This dip is insanely delish and it only takes cream cheese, salsa, and cheese to make this app in no time! For directions check out our full recipe here

The Best Spinach Artichoke Dip by Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

This recipe is another fan fav from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe that is a must try for those who love spinach artichoke dip! This seriously is the best recipe you’ll find to make this app. The cooking time is what will end up taking the longest but aside from that this is a easy to follow insanely delish recipe for you to consider  your next game day! As pictured above in our featured image this is SO yummy and best served with sliced pieces of bread that are lightly toasted!

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Who doesn’t love cheesy garlic bread?! This is loved by pretty much everyone we have ever met and it also happens to be insanely easy. Just take bread and either slice it into halves in the image we shared or into pieces. Then generously drizzle olive oil onto sliced bread and cut up garlic and add that on top of the olive oil. Then add shredded mozzarella cheese (as much as you desire) and cook for about ten minutes or until the bread is cooked to your liking. As simple as that!

Image of Cheese and Crackers on a Cheese Board

Cheese Board

If your fridge is already prepped with nice cheese and you have crackers, why not throw together a nice little cheese board for you and your company. It is always key having cheese and crackers stocked up for these cases! You can get as elaborate as you want or keep it as simple as you want or have time for. Don’t overlook this rather simple popular option when planning ahead to your game day gathering.



We hope you enjoy these four easy game day appetizers! For more ideas check out our fun easy recipes here 🙂