A Guide To A Fun Girls Weekend In Dallas Texas

April 3, 2022
Image of Maddie and Sara walking

Everything is bigger in Texas! Or that’s what they say, at least. It has been almost exactly a year since I moved into my first place in Dallas and I just love the city and area around it and still find myself discovering new, cool places! Having moved to Texas from a place like Boston, what has stood out the most to me (aside from the summer heat) is how friendly the people are, just how much of a transplant city Dallas is, how spread out it is (it is not a walking city in the slightest) and how there is always something to do and something going on in this fun city. Of course, the food and drinks have been impressive too! With the endless activity, events, and its friendly outgoing people- Dallas makes for the perfect girls weekend trip!  So if you and your besties are interested in taking a fun girls trip consider adding Dallas to your list and check out these neighborhoods with the most going on for young adults/ group of women to go to along with the bars that make for the most memorable fun nights!

The Neighborhoods And Bars To Visit For A Fun Girls Weekend In Dallas Texas:


From what I have heard, Uptown has changed dramatically in the past several years and in the year that I have come to know it, it feels like a fun place to be during the day and early evening to enjoy some shopping, good food and brunch options, along with some great happy hour spots! 

  • Image of West Village

    Check out West Village in Uptown for a girls day of shopping and dining in Dallas!

    West Village: Check out this shopping center in Uptown for some popular chain stores as well as boutiques and many restaurants. Consider walking over to Velvet Taco for the ultimate Dallas, Texas experience. There are Velvet Taco’s located in other neighborhoods throughout Dallas, with some staying open until 2am on the weekends for that late night spot.

  • Katy Trail Ice House: This is def a must for some day time or early evening drinking for you and your girls. It feels very Texas and has lots of outdoor seating for you to enjoy a lively bar scene all the while enjoying being outdoors. One of my first few weekends here, a gossip girl celeb siting took place- it is just that classic Dallas must visit spot. 
  • Sixty Vines: This is a classic Dallas spot for brunch and definitely a place for you and your besties to reserve a table and enjoy delish food a huge selection of wine options (hence the name) and a fun mimosa bar. You def don’t need to dress up much but if you want to go to a spot that you can dress cute for the day and enjoy a boozy brunch add this one to your list of restaurants to make reservations at.

    Image of brunch

    Sixty Vines is a hot spot for a fun brunch!

  • Happiest Hour: This isn’t my top option for a bar to go out to for the night but if you are looking for a sporty bar that will be super busy on any particular game night or really just any weekend night then this is a spot guaranteed to be just that!  Having been here for a year this feels more of a spot to stop along the way or pre game before you head out to your next bar. I do love their ranch waters for any girls out there who are looking to enjoy a classic Texas drink! 
  • Uchi: Any sushi lovers in the group?! Uchi is a must on that list of delish restaurants to check out while in Dallas. They also have  great happy hour deals if you are here for part of the week leading into the weekend. 
  • Moxie’s: Another popular spot for happy hour and to visit for dinner and drinks before you head out for the night. They have delish drinks and of course delish food! 
  • XOXO Dining: If you are your besties love a good insta background and want to get dressed up for a girly brunch this is a place to check out. Technically, this is in Old East Dallas but it is a five minute uber from any of the locations in uptown! Whenever you pass this spot, it is filled with groups of girls taking photos out in front of this cool pink building!


Lower Greenville

This is a place that has bars back to back to back making it a fun strip to visit for a girls trip! During the holidays

Image of Lower greeville


many of these bars go hard with the decor and hosting pub crawls. I love this place for bar hopping, day drinking, and early evening drinks on rooftops!

  • HG Sply Co.: This is a fun bar to check out, especially if you are going bar hopping! Make sure to head to the rooftop as the sun sets to enjoy the skyline view of the city! The location of this bar is perfect as a starting spot in Lower Greenville with lots of bars located right next to it. 
  • Leela’s Wine Bar: During the holidays, this place goes big with its decorations and is always packed so make sure to go on the early side or reserve a table! 
  • Truck Yard: As someone who grew up on the east coast this was one of the coolest spots to check out for a low key night full of drinks, sitting outdoors, chatting with friends and feeling like you are truly in the country or to remind you that you are in Texas! 



Deep Ellum

This neighborhood has changed a lot throughout the past several years but has stayed as the more artsy and entertainment region of the Dallas neighborhoods. This is the spot for clubs and live music and a guarantee to have lots going on. 

  • The Twilite Lounge: Again if you are here during the week or starting your weekend off early and have a Thursday night you want to enjoy out and about in the city, head over to this fun karaoke bar! No joke these are pretty much professional singers doing karaoke which makes this place even more fun! There is an outdoor area that you can sit at or you can enjoy this New Orleans vibe of a bar in Deep Ellum! 
  • Bottled Blonde: If you are looking for that darty vibe- head over to Bottled Blonde.
  • Citizen: Okay if you want a true nightclub feel, this is probably the best one for you and your besties to really have some fun dancing! I would def recommend getting there early unless you plan on making friends with someone with table service because it will be a long long line! Local sports celebs def have been spotted here on occasion but it is always the place to go for a real nightclub experience. 



Image Of Maddie And Sara At Wonder Bar

Wonder bar is a good time for a GNO looking for dancing!

A popular neighborhood for young adults to move to and always a hot spot on the weekends! There will be a mix of early twenties to early thirties at these places but if you want a lively crowd and to have a fun night out, you can guarantee to find that here!

  • The Skellig: If you want a crowded bar with both an indoor bar and outdoor area then head to the Skellig in Knox Henderson. This has become a go to for a fun night out! There is definitely lots of young adults but if you are in your twenties or early thirties you will have fun with this lively crowd.
  • Wonder Bar: If you want a trippy place where you can be sure to find a crowd looking to have fun and space to dance, this is your spot in the Knox/Henderson area. It is a new spot but it definitely will provide you with good music and a fun time with you and your besties to just dance it out. 
  • Velvet Taco: Again, this is a Dallas chain restaurant that is a hot spot and offers its delish menu at 3am on Friday and Saturdays! 


Bishop Arts District

The cutest neighborhood you could visit and absolute must in my opinion. This will feel like a scene out of a movie with some of the cutest shops and unique places that will truly make you feel like you are in the state of Texas. Photo of the Paradiso Sign

  • Paradiso: Make a reservation here for the perfect girls brunch spot! You can walk around afterwards and enjoy the rest of the adorable move like setting that Paradiso is located in. 
  • Revelers Hall:  If you are coming to Bishop Arts District for and early dinner or a low key night out def grab a drink and enjoy some live music in this awesome New Orleans bar! 
  • The Wild Detectives: This is just the coolest most unique coffee shop in Dallas and pretty much out of any coffee shop I have visited ever because it isn’t just for those looking to grab a cup of coffee and sit down with their computer and do work, this place is busy even at night with a bar and outdoor seating that is situated around a little stage for occasional performers. You will at the very least want to grab a coffee or one drink here before you leave this neighborhood!  Or maybe go with a little bit of both with irish coffee on the list of beverages!


Highland Park Village

Check out all that this upscale shopping center has to offer on their website here! Highland park offers some of the best restaurants and some of the nicest shopping centers you can find in Dallas. If you are looking for elegant dining and a mix between young adults going out for special celebratory occasions and older adults going out for their date night/ parents night out this is the vibe of this place on a Friday or Saturday night!

  • Mi Cocina: One of the most popular Dallas restaurants to go to for that true Dallas experience. For a fun spot, head up to Monkey bar located upstairs for a slightly more girls night out type of bar in Highland Park!
  • Bistro 31: One of the popular hot spots in highland park for delish food and drinks!
  • Lounge 31: Located right above Bistro 31, this place starts to fill up early on Friday nights and the dress code is a bit more of a dressier club feel. This is a place you def have to get to early in the night or else it is a challenge getting the bouncers to let a group in. Pro Tip: Put your name on the list and hang out at Monkey Bar until you can get in 😉 


These are just some of the spots that have stood out the most to me for places that are fun for a group of girls to visit for a weekend full of fun and taking in the Dallas social scene!  I would love to hear from y’all if you have any fun suggestions to add to the list 🙂


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