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Five Dating App Tips To Consider

maddieshieldsRelationships|2022-07-23T03:39:30-04:00November 12, 2021|

As some of y'all may be able to tell from our posts, we are no strangers to being single, dating around and using the dating apps! In 2021, we assume that most single individuals at some point have considered or used the dating apps to help find them a date

Just Dating What Photos Do We Use On Dating Apps?

justlivingblog2021-10-15T05:14:20-04:00October 15, 2021|

Ever thought twice about the pictures you are using on your dating apps? Ever wondered what pictures your single friends use on their dating profile but are too afraid to ask and have to share your own? Well now you can find out as we sit down to finally share,

Just Dating Just Dating In The Real World: Dating Apps

justlivingblog2021-09-22T15:12:24-04:00September 22, 2021|

Introducing your new besties to discuss all things pertaining to dating! Maddie and Sara, co-founders of Just Living Blog, introduce themselves and get into discussing the reality of dating and being single in 2021. Listen to hear about the anxieties of dating apps, what dating apps they have found useful

Benefits Of Being Single & Dating Around

maddieshieldsRelationships|2021-09-07T04:42:39-04:00September 7, 2021|

While going on date after date can feel a bit tasking and at times leaving us singles feeling hopeless-- there has been one particular lesson that I have found to help in regaining hope and appreciation for dating around and the experience of it. That one particular reason has been

Tall Girl Dating Tips

maddieshieldsRelationships|2021-08-25T20:22:39-04:00August 25, 2021|

Standing at 6'2- I am taller than the vast majority of the population which makes for a unique experience in just about every aspect of life- especially being that I am a girl. While I love being tall and would never change it, I would be lying if I didn't