Tall Girl Dating Tips

August 25, 2021
Image of Maddie with lettering across the picture stating dating as a tall girl

Standing at 6’2- I am taller than the vast majority of the population which makes for a unique experience in just about every aspect of life- especially being that I am a girl. While I love being tall and would never change it, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to times, especially in my younger years, where I was less than confident in my height and how it made/makes me stand out (literally and figuratively). An area where this ambivalent relationship was particularly heightened, especially in my younger years, was navigating the dating world as a very tall girl. It has taken time and experience to get to the point where I am at, where I no longer think about my height or resent it when dating, which is what brings me to write this post to share helpful tips and lessons that I have picked up along the way to navigate the dating world as a tall and confident girl!

So whether you are confident or find yourself fluctuating between loving your height and sometimes resenting it- I am sharing some of my personal experience and lessons learned this far and will continue to share along the way as I am still very much single and dating and of course will always be very tall- so be sure to look out for part II and more as we go!

Tall Girl Dating Tips: 

  1. It’s as big of a deal as you want it to be.  First and foremost, your height should only matter as much as you want it to. If you love your height and love how it makes you unique, then give it all the love and attention you want to! If you still feel ambivalent regarding your taller stature- you don’t have to give it any time or attention. Of course, we can’t control others remarks regarding our height but the way we respond will then set a precedent for how much or little we care to discuss or focus on a physical characteristic such as height. The times where I have responded in a nonchalant manner, as if my height isn’t any more interesting than that of someone who is average height, and then moving onto a more interesting convo- has then led to more less interest overall in either of our heights in the dating process. As we’ve all been told in life- where the focus goes, energy flows- and this is more than applicable to dating as a tall girl. I feel that the beginning of dating is all about setting a precedence, so make that be the case too when it comes to how much interest you have in height. Which brings me to my second point…….
  2. Confidence is key…. so at the very least fake it till you make it! When those unavoidable comments arise regarding your height, respond with confidence before either redirecting the conversation or expanding upon it. If you aren’t feeling a hundred percent confident date of, the best advice is to then fake it till you make it! Quite honestly, the times where I have faked my confidence, I have then quickly gained the confidence due to the positive exchanges that I then received. Like attracts like, so by acting confident you then encounter confident responses! Plus- as mentioned, the beginning of dating is all about setting the precedent, so by exuding confidence, you leave no room for a date who may be insecure about dating someone who could be taller or as tall as they are. You can then weave out those who aren’t a match for you because you obvi deserve to be with someone who celebrates you and celebrates what makes you uniquely you and one of those being the unique experiences of being a very tall girl!
  3. Wear The Heels! This is for all the tall girls who love heels and the way they complement any outfit or style– wear your heels without concern as to whether you will be taller than your date or not. Again, the first few dates are about getting to know one another and setting a precedent as well- so if you are one who frequently wears heels when you go out or just loves them for any event- why wouldn’t you wear them on a date?! Are you going to put your heels away forever and change the way you dress for someone?! Hopefully you are shaking your head NO reading this and put your fav pair of heels on the next date!

    Image of Maddie In A mirror wearing Heels

    Last but not least- WEAR the heels if you love heels! 🙂