Five Dating App Tips To Consider

November 12, 2021

As some of y’all may be able to tell from our posts, we are no strangers to being single, dating around and using the dating apps! In 2021, we assume that most single individuals at some point have considered or used the dating apps to help find them a date and hopefully a potential significant other. The dating apps have become the new norm as it has become the easiest way to access the dating pool near you at the convenience of your phone. With that being said, we know from experience that at times these dating apps can have us feeling a bit overwhelmed by just how many fish really are in the sea, when we see how many singles are out there .  So, we are sharing our experience with y’all to give five helpful tips to consider the next time you get on the dating apps and start swiping thru as we hope that these will help steer you towards good matches and great conversation!

Five Dating App Tips To Consider: 

1.) Take your time while swiping or filtering through. While it may seem easiest to just swipe right as soon as you see someone who seems semi interesting to you- it will make the process a little less overwhelming if you take the time before matching to evaluate whether you would strike up conversation with the person you are about to swipe across.  That is not to say to be too particular or harsh- it just means that if you see that the individual you are looking at specifically states that they are looking for something casual and yet you want a relationship – why take match with them in the first place which also brings us to dating tip number two….

2.) Look to see if the individuals profile you are looking at lists what they are looking for from the dating app. Some apps offer the option to state whether you want a relationship, something casual or don’t know yet- which isn’t a requirement to list so if they do take the time to answer make sure what they are looking for matches with what you are. If they are specific and state that they want something casual and you know you are ready for a relationship then take that as a sign to reconsider swiping right- because after all we know that we can’t convince someone into wanting a relationship no matter how much we think it can happen and we say this from experience not from a place of judgement lol.

3.) While you can’t get to know someone thru a dating app- consider the pictures they choose to show you. Remember we all have the ability to filter and show aspects of ourselves that we want to so if someone is posting pictures out with friends, at the bar, at festivals, concerts and various other social gathering and you tend to prefer more quiet intimate activities – then consider whether this may be a good match to make.

4.) Pay attention to the prompts that the individual is choosing to answer and how they respond to them. From our experience,  we have noticed that there are many profiles out there that will answer the prompts with one word responses or very short giving little idea as to what this person is like or likes to do. Additionally, we have seen profiles who rather than answering will add their ig handle and while we are not here to judge we are here to help another single out and just say that there are some just wanting the follows and or those who really don’t want anything serious so they choose to not give too much or put too much effort into the app. Of course there are exceptions but the thought is that if you are serious about wanting to date you probably will share a little more detail about yourself than you ig handle!

5.) In looking at the prompts and the responses, pay attention to what the person is mentioning when it relates to their hobbies, interest, values, etc., and while this may seem obvious- I (Maddie here) say this because I have been guilty of overlooking some of the responses only to then go out on a date or two and realize our interests are soooo different that it was hard to relate to- to which if I had put a little more attention to the responses I probably would have been able to realized before said dates. Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we eventually just have to get out there and get dating to find what works and what doesn’t but these are after all dating tips to help navigate and hopefully lessen any feelings of being overwhelmed by where to start and how to filter thru what can be a very large dating pool !

These are just some of the ideas to consider for your next swiping sesh as we have found these to be helpful in guiding us! What are some of the lessons you have learned from your dating app experience?!

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