Benefits Of Being Single & Dating Around

September 7, 2021
image of two bouquets

While going on date after date can feel a bit tasking and at times leaving us singles feeling hopeless– there has been one particular lesson that I have found to help in regaining hope and appreciation for dating around and the experience of it. That one particular reason has been the insight that I have gained over time- the insight into the qualities, characteristics and values that work best for me and what I hope to find in a partner and as well what wouldn’t work and what to look out for to get a sense of compatibility. As a result, this insight leads to a much more self-aware and confident approach to dating- making better decisions for myself in the long run.

While I was told years ago to look at dating as a way of gaining experience and an understanding of what you want, need and are looking for in a partner- it took personal experience to truly recognize how valuable the experience of dating around is. Now, I find that with taking time, focusing on my values, meeting lots and lots of people, and making room for dating around and meeting people thru dating apps and of course the occasional in person meet cute we all hope for- that I have learned so much more about myself, dating, relationships and self-awareness that I would have never learned had I not given myself lots of time to be single and date around.  At the very least, you can find out what truly was a dealbreaker and know that in the future you will be aware of that in finding out the next date(s) who you want to continue seeing. And additionally- you can learn how you, yourself, can become a better partner with time on your own and dating around uncommitted. Personally, my younger self was way too co-dependent to ever make a well- informed decision about something as huge as a life partner- I could barely handle time on my own and in my own company which says a lot for how I would have been as a partner. So for those of you who are just getting back out there or still going on date number whatever—remember that with each experience you gain more exposure and more of a sense of yourself which will only help you with in the long run!