How To Meet People Without Dating Apps This Holiday Season

December 11, 2021
Image of Red Oversized Holiday Ornaments in a shopping center

We recently wrote a blog post on great holiday dates and what to do with someone you’re newly seeing during the holiday season. And in putting together those posts, a big question arose for us: HOW do we take advantage of the out and about crazy running around that consumes most of us during the holiday season to possibly meet someone special. We find ourselves at the end of this year sort of tired of the endless swiping seshes, especially after we feel like we have already swiped through the single dating pool left in this year and while that may be dramatic- there is something to be said for taking breaks from the apps when you feel the need which is why we have decided to brainstorm of other ways to meet singles near us.  So with that being said we thought to ourselves how can we meet people naturally during the holiday season and is there good opportunities to take extra advantage of.

First of all, before you head out to meet new people, make sure that your mind is in the right place. You are an amazing individual with so many strengths to offer to anyone you meet. You may want to write that down on a sticky note and put it on your bathroom mirror (and keep it up for the year), because the first person you have to convince that you are fantastic is yourself. There is no other you in this world so own that and know your strengths so that you never second guess that! After that, it’s much easier to have the confidence you need to walk into any situation ready to meet some other great people. And once you feel comfortable in your own skin and ready to start meeting people this holiday season, here are some tips on how to get the ball rolling!

Ways To Meet Someone This Holiday Season Outside Of Dating Apps 

  1. Check out the holiday activities in your town and join in on the fun! This is a great way to meet other singles who also love the holidays. If you’re feeling confident enough, head out on your own, but if you want a little support, it never hurts to bring a friend along so maybe they can meet someone too! Whether it be a holiday light event in your hometown or a pop up in your city- no matter your initial level of interest- just getting out and exploring increases your chances rather then spending time at home! 
  2. Do something outside the ordinary this holiday season. If you usually put up an artificial tree, head to a local tree farm to find a fresh tree for your apartment – hey, a lot of Hallmark holiday romances start this way 😉
  3. Head to a local hotel restaurant for your next lunch or a cocktail. This may sound strange, but hotels tend to really decorate a lot more for the holidays than typical restaurants, and it’s a good place to feel comfortable sitting at the bar alone since a lot of people who travel during the week do so alone. Strike up a convo with another solo individual and see what may come out of it! Also making friends with the bartender is a great way to possibly get conversation flowing with the rest of the people at the bar plus the more friends the merrier!
  4. Volunteer somewhere local that is meaningful for you. You might find someone with common interests, and you might just fall in love with volunteering since it does your heart and the community good!
  5. Organize a party, invite people in your apartment complex or neighborhood, and ask them to bring a friend! It’s a great way to meet your neighbors, celebrate the holidays, and perhaps even strike up a new romance. Check out our unique holiday party ideas here.
  6. Go for a more intentional leisurely stroll. Is there an area that is rather popular during any given week day or night?! Are there cute coffee shops that are super busy?! Either head out alone or with your bestie and explore those areas- especially if they are decorated for the holiday because that just makes it much more fun- and have fun catching up with the bestie, taking photos, grabbing coffees and maybe meeting someone!
  7. Check out our holiday gift guides and take that handy shopping list  and head out to shop for your friends and family. You may meet your perfect match in line at a store that you would least expect it! 

You never know where you may just bump into that special someone and sometimes it really is where you’d least expect it and ironically at that place you were dreading going to! Either way you are getting out and taking advantage of the holiday season and getting into the holiday spirit and putting yourself out there so be proud and have fun 🙂

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