How To Celebrate Halloween As An Adult

October 21, 2021
Image of a decorative pumpkin that says trick or treat

Isn’t it crazy how much the meaning of Halloween changes as we grow up? We are all still young enough to remember trick-or-treating with friends when we were little; the excitement of getting home with our pillowcases (or your designated Halloween candy  bag if you were fancier than we were), sorting through it for our favorites, and bargaining with our friends/siblings to figure out what we were trading. Then, we get to middle school where it’s that awkward in between stage, as with all things in middle school are, and then we hit high school and suddenly Halloween goes from those Friday school dances and progresses to whatever type of unchaperoned party we can find. And then comes college where we are on our own and half of us see this as opportunity to take on that less is more approach to dressing up and half of us are taking it as opportunity to wear something hilarious even to the sober eye.

Image of decorated cupcakes

Well, now we are full blown grown-ups, and trick or treating is out. And while attending a party can be fun, what else is there to do to make Halloween actually fun as a young or single adult?! Last year, I happened to be in the same town as my sister and her kids, and we all sat down to make some Halloween cupcakes together. Initially, I was only going along with it because my niece and nephew were over and I was on aunt duties and figured it was the best way to entertain a seven and five year old for a few hours, but in the end I was the one having the most fun out of this Halloween activity because I realized that while this may seem like a more kid like activity- a kids interest and attention span can quickly waivers when they realize they can’t eat the frosting before baking and decorating the cupcakes- so nevertheless it was basically a Halloween activity that I was left to doing on my own and I had a blast using my creative skills to make some delish sweet treats.  That made me think that there has to be a lot of fun ways to celebrate Halloween as an adult. Sara and I happen to love the Fall season and Halloween, so we came up with a  list of fun things to do this spooky season in addition or instead of attending another Halloween party!

Eight Ways To Celebrate Halloween As An Adult: 

  1. Image of Halloween Cooking Trays

    Michaels is where it’s at for finding creative items to help celebrate Halloween! 

    Make Halloween cupcakes with your younger nieces and nephews, the kids you babysit on the weekends or your family if you are spending time at home this Fall. Head to the store and grab cupcake mix, Oreo’s (see picture for reference), food coloring (or just buy orange frosting at the store) candy corns, edible eyes (to make bats and other Halloween decorations for these sweet treats) and whatever other Halloween decorating essentials you might need! During a recent trip to Michaels (as mentioned it’s a great affordable place to shop for seasonal décor)  I saw so many baking essentials that were geared toward Halloween.

  2. Head to a pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins of different sizes to decorate your house. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, carve your pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns! If you don’t want the mess in your apartment- you can paint these to your liking and create some amazing seasonal décor!
  3. Have a scary movie night at your house. Invite some friends over, mix up some fun Halloween cocktails (like this one), and watch a couple of scary movies! Check  out our guide on the fourteen movies to watch this spooky season which includes both scary and non scary picks!

    IMAGE OF a sign that says Hocus Pocus

    Can you guess what movie is top of our list for Spooky Season?! Find out on our spooky season movie guide here!

  4. Head to the store and stock up on Halloween candy. If you don’t anticipate having trick-or-treaters, consider donating to a local kids charity that could use the treats for their kids.
  5. Check out a local haunted house or corn maze and enjoy some quality time with your friends/ date/ family, as suggested in our fun fall date ideas.
  6. Do a creepy escape room with your friends.
  7. Dress up in a Halloween costume and head to a bar with your friends. You are sure to start conversations and have some fun too! Check out our ten last minute halloween costume ideas!
  8. Try hosting a Halloween cocktail tasting party. Everyone creates a Halloween drink and the most creative one wins! This can also be a creative twist to your traditional pre-game before hitting the town for a night out or before a Halloween party.
 That’s it – those are some of the simple yet fun ways we best recommend for celebrating Halloween as an adult! 

It’s fall and we hope you enjoy this spooky season as much as we do! For more Fall fun check out our blog posts here! 🙂