Ten Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

October 12, 2021
Image of Sara and Maddie in Halloween Costumes

The two of us may be spooky season enthusiasts but for whatever reason it seems like in Halloween pasts (particularly since graduating) we find ourselves last minute scouring to put together a cute Halloween costume. Typically, we find ourselves making do with the items we already have in our wardrobes and doing last minute runs to the nearest target to grab any little add ons to pull off the costume idea we are creating.  This isn’t due to us not properly planning, trust us, in college we would get a trillion ideas while planning but when it came time to execution we would head to the store, spend time looking around and somehow finding ourselves leaving empty handed. Whether it was due to our lack of conformity in not wanting to buy just another popular costume kit that we would see on dozens of others or whether it was due to the costume options not being anywhere close to fitting one of us (that one of us being Maddie, classic #tgp) with the length being so short that it was too short for even college Halloween standards, either way we would find ourselves quickly turning to our own devices to create a solid costume idea.  As a result- we have put together this list of ideas, both from our past costume ideas as well as ones we have heard or seen. These are practical for most any wardrobe, affordable, and require limited planning time so that for those who find themselves in similar predicament can still show up to whatever Halloween occasion they are attending- looking like the spooky season enthusiast we hope to see!

Ten Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas 

  1. Wednesday Addams. This is one that may be easier if you have longish hair as the braids are an easy giveaway for this costume idea. Once you part your hair down the middle and put it into braids – you just need a black dress to go along. Dark makeup always helps too. If you can take it one step further- finding an old white collared button up shirt that you no longer wear and don’t mind cutting up can help tie the entire costume together but cutting the top off of the shirt to get the collard part to go underneath the dress and voila – you are Wednesday Adams!
  2. Scarecrow. this one is easy if you are a makeup enthusiast. I did this a few years ago in law school (Sara here) and it took me only about twenty minutes to do the makeup for it. While it requires some skill in the makeup department it’s not too hard if you follow a tutorial step by step. Then you just need overalls and a plaid shirt but even if you don’t jeans and a plaid shirt will do.
  3. 80’s Workout Instructor. This may not be the most creative but this is a classic that any wardrobe can put together to re-create, especially in the year of 2021 where those thicker based shoes are in, leggings are an essential, and those uni-suit workout outfits are making their way into lots of people wardrobe. But don’t worry if you don’t have all of these- what you really want to focus on is the leggings with bright shorts and bright top with leg warmers and a sweat band!
  4. Shot in the Dark. For this, simply grab an all black outfit and tape a shot glass to your mid section.
  5. Queen of Hearts. Do you have a red dress? You’re mostly there already! Find a deck of cards and using the queen- glue it or attach it to a necklace.
  6. Smarty Pants. You know the Smarties candies? Simply add those to your jeans, find a cute top, some nerdy glasses, and there you have it. Smarty pants!
  7. 50 Shades of Gray. This is super kitschy. Head to your local hardware store and pick up the grey paint samples. Add them all to your t-shirt and you are 50 shades of grey!
  8. Holy guacamole. You will need a green shirt and cut out pics of an avocado. Don’t forget to add the halo and wings! Then, create a halo out of wire and tinsel and find or cut out some wings. Once you’ve put the whole ensemble together you will have created a super “punny” costume.
  9.  24 Karat Gold. In the off chance you do have a gold dress- this is the easiest costume to pull together. If you don’t but have a gold colored  top you can always  cute out a 24 k and tape it to your shirt! Wear any flashy gold colors in jewelry or makeup!
  10. Slumber Party Goer. If all else fails the easiest go- to has been the slumber party idea. Put on your pjs and find a sleeping mask – whether you have one you can use or head to your nearest Walgreens/ cvs and you can easily find a cheap sleeping mask to wear.


We hope you enjoy Halloween this year!  If you found a super creative costume, we would love to hear about it. And if you’re not going to a Halloween party, but you do have fall parties coming up, check out Maddie’s post about cute fall outfits!