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The Four Fall Boots We Love

By |2021-10-12T04:25:03+00:00October 8, 2021|Style and Decor|

As you may have been able to tell from our previous fall fashion posts, September was particularly kind to the both of us having had some successful shopping days for sweater weather!  While we may be living in warmer regions that don't necessarily require all the layering that sweater weather

2021 Fall Fashion Favs (So Far…)

By |2021-09-26T21:27:06+00:00September 26, 2021|Style and Decor|

As sad as it is to see summer go, we are both SO excited for fall and all of the activities that come with it -- including refreshing our wardrobe with deeper tones and cozy knits. Even though it's still in the 90s most days in Dallas, we've started

Self-Care Ideas For The Fall

By |2021-10-02T16:11:09+00:00September 24, 2021|Self-Care Tips|

Welcome to Fall y'all- we are now officially at the start of fall, which for lots of people can feel like a re-start coming off of that summer mode - refreshed and energized. From our experience, the summer seems to bring a relaxed state when it comes to our responsibilities

Fun Fall Date Ideas

By |2021-10-29T17:35:06+00:00September 20, 2021|Dating and Relationships|

Although the two of us can be often found enjoying and reaping the benefits to being single- there is something about the fall that leads us to romanticize life in a relationship. Between the cozy and comfy vibes of sweater weather season to the vibrant colors in Fall foliage -

Finding Normalcy in Fall 2020

By |2021-05-21T02:50:40+00:00October 11, 2020|Self-Care Tips|

              As we can all agree, we are living in a time that is full of uncertainty which leaves us to wonder when we will ever find some semblance of normalcy.  Sometimes when things feel out of control, focusing on what you can control helps.  We decided to put

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