Fall Decor Ideas: Stores To Shop Cheap Seasonal Decor

September 11, 2021
Image of Fall Themed Hand Towels and Flowers

One of the biggest ways to welcome any new season and one of the few that can actually get us past any remaining summer blues is through decor! Seasonal decor gives us that ability to express both our styles and get us into the spirit of whatever holidays are to come during that next season. Aside from our pure love for sweater weather we love that fall gives us more reason to make our home filled with all those comfy cozy vibes that you associate with the season!  So for any of y’all who are just dying for those fall vibes- consider this guide to cheap decor and head to any of these stores to welcome Fall 2021!

  1. Target– Typically when you walk into a Target there is a section at the front specifically marked for under $5. This section is your go to for cheap seasonal decor because whatever season, holiday, event it is you can be sure that target is 
    Image of decorative pumpkins, flowers and a bowl with candystocked and ready to go!These smaller items are especially great for those decorating a smaller sized apartment!
  2. Michaels – As mentioned in our boho decor guide– Michaels has so many affordable decorations. During the fall you can find countless decorative pieces that will add all the orange and auburn tones to create that fall cozy feel inside your humble abode. Additionally- if you have some DIY project you are looking to create- makes sure to stop at a Michaels for the cheapest DIY products and crafts!
  3. Tj Maxx – Again, we talked about this in our boho decor guide and specifically mentioned how these are hit or miss but usually have that seasonal decor at all times- this can be said for fall seasonal decor making it a must for anyone who loves shopping for seasonal decor for the experience of it and collecting items and cheap but cute finds into your home. This is a fun little shopping trip with any of your friends that love the decor too– plus we always end up finding other random things we didn’t anticipate buying at these places but they just have the widest range in collection of home decor.
  4. Trader Joe’s – This place is known for having reasonably priced good
    Picture of Tulips from Trader Joes

    Floral Lovers- be sure to check out our DIY guide to make a beautiful fall floral arrangement!

    quality foods- but for those of you who are less familiar with this brand- they also extend these affordably priced items to their seasonal floral to help you create beautiful DIY floral arrangements to add a beautiful display into your home! So the next time you find yourself shopping for all things pumpkin flavored and doing a trader Joes haul- make sure to check out their greenery and seasonal decorative displays to create a beautiful DIY arrangement.

  5. Christmas Tree Shops – If you have a Christmas Tree Shop in your region- be sure to make a visit this fall as they will have plenty of deals and steals for items that will fill you with all that comfy joy that comes with fall! Especially if you want some cooking items that are reminiscent of fall- from our personal shopping experiences we have found that Christmas tree shop typically has seasonal tupperware and utensils for those who love cooking and baking!