Fourteen Spooky Season Movies To Watch

October 7, 2021
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We can’t believe that we are already back to writing a spooky season movie guide because last year’s spooky season guide feels like a post we were working on just a few months back and because this post was one of our first few posts ever on our blog! But alas, here we are midway through the first full week of October which to us signifies the start of spooky season! So for all of y’all who are on the same page as us and are welcoming all those creepy, spooky, scary vibes then read on to find a combination of our last years picks that include Maddie’s scary picks and Sara’s non scary picks to give you a well rounded list of our all time favorite Spooky season entertainment! In addition to giving you our all time favorite that we shared for spooky season 2020 we are giving you an update with the entertainment that debuted in 2021 so far that have been perfect picks for spooky season content.

The Fourteen Spooky Season Movie To Watch: 

2021 Picks For Spooky Season Movies

  1. The Woman In The Window Without being too repetitive as we reviewed this thriller back in our July Entertainment, this is a must see for all of you who love a good psychological thriller- especially one that requires you to keep guessing as to whether the protagonist is a reliable source or not!  Starring the talented Amy Adams, this film is about a woman with agoraphobia who witnesses her neighbor across the street being murdered by whom she believes is the husband. This is one that will have you constantly going back and forth between each of the characters, questioning whose word to believe. This will remind you of a Netflix version to the big screen films: Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. Where you can watch: Netflix
  2. Every Breath You Take  For those of you like myself (Maddie here) who happen to have the most contradictory taste in genres loving horror movies all the while being a total sap for any romantic film- then this casting may peak your interest with its antagonist being Sam Claflin (aka the star in Me Before You- that movie that made us all ugly cry like no other in 2016). This film will give you all those creepy vibes you want for spooky season as it depicts a therapist, played by Casey Affleck, who finds his professional life starting to fall apart when a former patient commits suicide and his ethics begin to come into question. Things go further awry for Casey Affleck’s character as he finds his professional and personal world colliding when the former patient’s brother enters the picture only to bring conflict and chaos to the family.  Where You can Watch: Hulu
  3. I Care A Lot    This is a seriously twisted story that stars Rosamund Park (Gone Girl) as the antagonist, a legal guardian working for the state and taking care of older adults who are deemed as being unable to make sound decisions and choices for theirselves, but what makes this situation particularly terrifying and thus a good thriller to watch, is that this legal guardian is in it for all the wrong purely evil reasons. Moving from one client to the next- this legal guardian preys upon those in the system who she knows have little power  or ability to object to her evil antics. But this time around, Park’s character is put in an unfamiliar situation when her new client who she believes has no family to speak up for her- finds her new patient had ties to a very powerful member of a gang. While this isn’t a typical spooky season pick- it will for sure give you creepy vibes and paranoia from watching the loss of autonomy one individual can face at the hands of a legal worker who is beyond evil.   Where You can watch: Netflix 
  4. The Vanished  Technically, this one came out in 2020 but somehow it seemed to sneak past us and wasn’t given much attention until this year- this is another psychological thriller that makes you question everyone around the protagonists and question who is trust worthy and who is a threat. This story is terrifying to any parent- as this couple takes their daughter on a road trip in their RV only to have her disappear at the campsite lakeside within the first day of their arrival.  Where you can watch: Netflix
  5. Intrusion A young married couple moves to a new town into their dream home only to experience terror. Soon after their move, the couple finds their home being invaded by a few local residents. The invasion turns deadly and the couple struggles to cope in the aftermath and begin to search for more answers as to why the invaders targeted them.  This film takes many dark turns and will give you all the thrills that will have your heart racing throughout the film- making it must have on any 2021 thriller list.  Where you can watch: Netflix

Maddie’s Favorite Scary Spooky Season Movies 

  1. Strangers (2008)- The remote setting of this film, the creepy disguises worn by the strangers, and the disturbing scare tactics, this film does not fall short in striking absolute terror and fear into its viewers. In the off chance that these elements of horror aren’t enough, the fact that this film was loosely based on true events is enough to haunt you for years to come. Seriously watch this film and tell me you don’t psych yourself out whenever you are home alone at night. Okay maybe that’s just me but seriously the fact that it’s been twelve years since this film debuted and I still find myself scarred by the images of the stranger’s masks, should be a clear indication of the level of scary of this film. Where you can watch: Amazon Prime
  2. Get Out (2017)- This one has received lots of attention the past few years and deservingly so as it is a masterpiece. While this feels more psychological thriller, it makes the list for this season’s binge watch as you’ll be on edge throughout the entire film. Without giving away too much, Jordan Peele who is the genius writer and director, manages to deliver a film that is both thriller and political centering around race. Where you can watch: Amazon Prime
  3. You’re Next (2013)- In my opinion this is a very underrated and underplayed film that deserves more attention. You will squirm and cling to whoever is sitting next to you in anticipation of what comes next. As you can probably notice, horror films and suburbia seem to go hand in hand, and this film does not fall short in making one second guess moving to a remote area. This may take place in a rather expensive looking vacation home, but what begins as an elegant dinner turns into an evening of terror for the family. Where you can watch: Amazon Prime
  4. Hush (2016) – Again, without sounding like a broken record, this is a film that features a terrifying incident that takes place in a remote setting none other than the woods. With that being said, this Netflix original, evokes even more terror in the viewer as they watch the protagonist, a deaf female, try to fend for herself when she finds herself locked in her house with a murderer. Where you can watch: Amazon Prime
  5. The Shining (1980)- It goes without saying that this is a must-see for any list that entails thriller, horror, or suspense. As a twenty something year old who has been spoiled by advancements in technology, it can be harder to appreciate classics. However, this is one that we can all admit is absolutely terrifying! This film doesn’t just play into the eeriness of living in an isolated mansion out of touch with the rest of the world but it hits on relationship fears of not truly knowing your partner. Where you can watch: Amazon Prime

    Sara’s Favorite Non-Scary Spooky Season Movies 

1. Halloweentown: This was my favorite Halloween movie as a kid! There are four movies in the series, but the first one is definitely the best in my opinion. Such a fun movie, even as an adult! Where you can watch: Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime

2. Twitches: I was obsessed with Tia and Tamera Mowry when I was younger, so this was a must watch every Halloween at my house. It’s still a really cute movie as an adult! Where you can watch: Disney+

3. Hocus Pocus: You can’t have a Halloween movie list without this one…and for good reason! This is a timeless classic that is a must watch! I don’t know how I made it all the way to adulthood before seeing this movie, but now that I have, I understand all of the hype! Where you can watch: Disney+, Amazon Prime

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas: This is a great crossover to transition from Halloween to Christmas season. I recommend watching it on Halloween night or even the day after Halloween to get you into the Christmas spirit! The animation is so cool and unique! Where you can watch: Disney+, Amazon Prime

5. Get Out: Okay, this one isn’t technically a Halloween movie, but very much has creepy vibes. Honestly, this movie was pushing it for me a little bit, as someone who doesn’t like scary movies (my heart was racing the whole time), but in the end, I really liked the movie. And now that I know what happens, I can watch it again without being scared lol Where you can watch: Amazon Prime