Fun Fall Date Ideas

September 20, 2021
Halloween Decorative Plate That Says "Hey Boo"

Although the two of us can be often found enjoying and reaping the benefits to being single– there is something about the fall that leads us to romanticize life in a relationship. Between the cozy and comfy vibes of sweater weather season to the vibrant colors in Fall foliage – it’s not hard to see how there is love in the fall crisp air and why people seem to couple up this season.  While we will likely be partaking in those first date grab drinks type of dates due to our single status- we can at the very least entertain our creative side and those fall romantic vibes to come up with a list of suggestions for those couples who are looking for fun date ideas unique to the fall!  Of course- these ideas can be done by all the singles and make for fun activities with their besties so def don’t feel left out – but from our past experiences we have found these to be particularly fun for fall dates!

Fun Date Ideas To Consider This Fall:  

1.) Apple picking– As cliche as it may sound- this is that ultimate fall activity that you likely have done once in your lifetime and can do again with that special someone. This is almost like a right of passage for any new (ish) relationship if the two of you are all about fall season and live near an apple farm! And for those couples who don’t live near one- finding one that you can make a day event out of is a fun full date idea that can be spent exploring a new and what we imagine small town where this apple farm resides! Don’t forget to give yourselves time when you get back to bake something super delish for the both of y’all to enjoy!

2.) Visit Theme Parks Celebrating Halloween– Okay so at the moment it may be a little too early to enjoy this fall date but it is never too early to start planning and do your research for the nearest theme park. Make sure to check with the theme park to find out if they are partaking in spooky season by having employees dress up and scare park attendees at night! This is actually the most underrated kinds of entertaining and thrilling experience youd expect to experience at an amusement park!  In addition to enjoying the thrilling rides- you get to get spooked out of your mind, if you are easily scared or startled like the two of us, they will find you and continue to scare you so be prepared (we know this from personal experience)! But this is a fun very unique to fall date idea for you two to enjoy on a weekend in October!

3.) Visit A Farm – that has a corn maize and other various fall outdoor fun activities to do! This is like the ultimate all in one fall date idea as farms will typically have all those fall foods you think of (apple cider & donuts – yes please!), corn maizes, tractor rides, and lots more to entertain the two of y’alls inner child for the day plus you can’t ask for much more of a fun bonding experience than the two of you trying to make it out of corn maize!

4.) Go To A Haunted House – With one of us being a sucker for all things scary, this of course has made the list and the reason behind two out of the five suggestions being tailored towards celebrating all those thrills that are associated with spooky season!  Quite honestly you can never be too old for enjoying the thrill of a haunted house and if you and your significant other agree- find some of the scariest ones in your region to get the full thrill!

5.) Attend A Sporting Event – If you are anything like us- we typically wouldn’t fawn over a sports date idea- but we do love our particular sports teams (go blue!) and have gained an appreciation post grad for all those college game days that we once took for granted which has garnered us to incorporate those elements we miss most on game days whether it be attending one in person or watching one from the comfort of our own homes! Game days are of course about the teams playing but the elements like tailgating season, excitement and spirit in the air, and of course those must have concession stand snacks- these are all parts of the day and potential date to look forward to!


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