Packing Tips and Hacks

October 21, 2021
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I don’t know about y’all but there is something about the Fall that make us want to get up and explore. Whether it’s getting in the car and exploring a nearby town or it’s hopping on a flight to visit another state- we are for it all! If you are like us and find yourself wanting to travel ASAP- consider checking check out this website to find some of the best getaway cities to visit! Additionally, if you already have your trips booked but anticipate some struggle when it comes to packing, much like we do, then stick around and read these tips that we have picked up on overtime!

The two of us are in the midst of packing for a girls trip to sunny Tampa where we anticipate spending the days by the pool and needing minimal layers because, well sweater weather isn’t exactly a thing in Florida at this point.  While we have minimal layers to pack- we feel like it doesn’t really matter where we are going we are still overpacking. We don’t want to pack too much and have to pay for an oversized/ overweight luggage at check in but what if we can’t fit our favorite shoes and possible girls night out (#gno) dresses that we were excited to have the opportunity to finally wear?! And conversely, if it is a road trip- you have to tote all your bags to and from the car all the time. Needless to say- packing is an area that we have had to learn how to become more efficient in over the years, which is why we are sharing the tips and tricks to help those who too deal with the dilemma of overpacking and not having enough space to contain it all.  We hope that these tips help you pack with more ease for you next trip!

Packing Tips and Hacks: 

Our first tip is that you need to find the perfect weekend getaway bag. As a busy professional, that probably has been low on your list of priorities, but getting a great bag that will last you for years will truly save you so many headaches in the long run. While we would recommend investing in a quality bag to last you throughout the various trips you will go on, we will say that we have had much luck in finding affordable bags in store at our nearest Marshall’s/ T.J. Maxx and Target. Just this past week, I (Maddie) made a trip to Marshalls to find an extra large suitcase to travel back to Dallas with all my belongings that I packed heading into my trip along with the clothes I accumulated from a few of my successful fall shopping trips. While this bag may not be the type to last for years on end- the storage space it allowed me to travel back fo under $90 seemed well worth it. This was a steal in comparison to the bags that I was finding online for upwards of $250 or more for an extra large bag.  It is always a hit or miss at these places, as we have mentioned in our affordable boho decor post, but when it’s a hit you really luck out! Now if you are looking for some good brands and to shop online we highlight suggest checking out TravelPro which many of its bags can be found on amazon.

Tips For Luggage:

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For Your Carry-on Suitcase:


For comfort and easy transportation – we always stick to a wheel/rolling carry on sized bag to put overhead. We recommend one with lots of zipped up side and front pockets to get more storage space and separate those items, such as your shoes, that you don’t want to store in with your clothes! If you are looking for a high quality carry on bag to last you throughout the years – Travelpro is a great brand to consider:


For Underseat Luggage:

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I used to travel with a large purse as my under the seat item but quickly realized that I was not taking full advantage of the size of item that can go under the seat aka one with lots more storage space. Now I travel with an oversized (very oversized) backpack or another roll/ wheeled smaller sized luggage that could be attached to the larger bag to easily transport thru the airport! For examples of the bags and brands that we love for traveling- consider the ones below!

Tips For Packing: 

Now that you have found a great bag to take with you, here is how I pack so that I have everything I need in a small bag/ suitcase:

  1. First I pack the essentials: underwear, socks, bras, feminine products. I like to put these into a pocket outside of the main storage area to allow for more room in for larger sized items aka my clothing.   You can also put the socks inside your shoes to save a bit of room.
  2. Once you’ve got the essentials squared away, think big and then take away half for the rest of your items. I know that hurts, but you will not need everything you want! Lay everything out on your bed and then put the outfits together you will wear. You can wear the same pair of jeans a couple of times on your trip, so you don’t need to pack every pair of pants that you lay out. You don’t want to wear the same outfit more than once, but it’s more than okay to get creative with your outfits and save room in your bag at the same time. Typically, I layout the essential two pairs of bottoms/jeans/ skirt I feel are a must have and then go through each day of the trip to coordinate each outfits of the day to see which tops can be worn twice with different bottoms. Additionally, if you are headed to a sunny getaway- keep in mind that some days you may only need your bathing suit and cover up and not a full on outfit for those anticipated beach/ pool days!
  3. Once you’ve picked out all of your outfits, roll your softer garments and fold the stiffer ones. For instance, roll your jeans, sleep clothes, sweaters, and camis up tightly. These will not wrinkle and should be at the bottom of your bag. On top of that put your nicer clothes that need to be a bit more breathing room. If you do not have a separate compartment for your shoes, then wrap them in a large ziploc or plastic bag to ensure they don’t get any of your clothes dirty. Or if you anticipate only needing one extra pair of shoes aside from the ones you will travel in (always travel in the thicker ones that take up lots of room if you can) then pack them into the side storage of your luggage to maximize ever available storage space of your bag.
  4. For your toiletries, opt for travel size bottles. You can pick these up at Target, Marshall’s or T.J. Maxx or find them on Amazon. Add your favorite potions and lotions to these travel size containers. And don’t forget a pill box for meds. You may need some ibuprofen or antihistamine. This can easily fit in your toiletries bag. Then I try my best to take the essential makeup items and pack them into a designated but much smaller sized makeup bag than the one I keep at home with all my items! If there is not enough room in my suitcase, I pack these bags into a bigger under the seat bag.

What is your one must have when you travel?!

If you loved these packing tips, please feel free to share!