Boho Decor Ideas: DIY Floral Arrangement

February 28, 2021
Up Close to Maddie's Floral Arrangement

Happy Sunday y’all and happy National Floral Design Day! Of course this a holiday we are celebrating as we are passionate about our love for flowers on the blog. We not only appreciate their beauty in nature but also appreciate the beauty and wellness they add in our homes. In honor of this special holiday, we decided to take tips from a former floral designer, my (Maddie’s) mom, and share with y’all some helpful tips and tricks for creating a beautiful floral arrangement on your own! This is not only a great activity on a weekend when you are looking to spruce up your place but it also is a very thoughtful gift to give to a loved one, a bouquet made for them by you, with love, of course. So, we have listed out in steps, the major points and tips from start to finish on creating a beautiful floral arrangement!

FYI- the visuals for step by step are posted on the gram, all these flowers were gathered all from the great trader joes! Definitely a place to consider for affordable quality flowers!

Steps for Your Beautiful Floral Arrangement:

1.) Gather a clear vase. A clear vase is the best choice when considering staple vases to keep in your home. You can find excellent options at Michaels for more affordable vases. Also helpful hack– in the future if you ever receive a floral arrangement delivery, make sure to keep that vase!!!

2.) Picking out flowers– Sticking to monochromatic flowers is easiest for beginners. It is not only easy to use one color, but is also visually pleasing because of the variety of shades and textures that exist within the same palate. Since we are writing about spring time bouquets, think pinks, yellows, or whites.

3.) As for the variety, grab three or four types of flowers in one color and we highly recommend grabbing greens. In our demo, we chose roses, tulips, stock, greens, and ranunculus. While we chose to pick the color pink for three of the flowers, we added white to lighten up the designs and of course greens are a grounding neutral. Again the variety and interest will be coming from the shapes and size and texture, less so the colors, so try to pick flowers that are interesting. My mom’s recommendation, for this demo we chose a rose, which is open and multi-layered, a tulip which is round, ranunculus which is smaller, round and full, stock which is longer with small buds, and simple silver dollar eucalyptus (greens) of a similar size, and then the tulip which will elongate the arrangement.

4.) If you have a backyard, grabbing greens is helpful but if you don’t no fear, the store will have regular greens that you can use to add into the arrangement.

5.) Fill up the clear vase, halfway, with water. If you are using greens, add those first. Stick to odd numbers.

6.)Next we added in seven tulips. We cut the ends of the flowers of each to be of a similar height. Cut tulips on the shorter side as they continue to grow even after cut. You can cut off the stems that are in the way or peel back the tops of the flowers that may be looking like they are about to fall off.

7.)Then we added in seven roses, again giving a fresh cut first.

8.) We then chose to add in seven stock, filling in spaces between roses and tulips.

9.) Lastly, we added in ranunculus. We cut these longer so that they poked their heads out of the arrangement.

10.) Now you have your arrangement ready to go! Replace with fresh water every other day, this will help your arrangement last longer!