Women With Self-Care Blogs And Accounts To Follow On Instagram

March 11, 2022
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There are millions of posts about self- care on the internet, which can make it hard to know what to follow and who to follow. So, I have chosen my top four self care influencers who happen to have self-care blogs and or IG accounts that openly discuss self-care to follow if you want inspiration to care for your most important asset – YOU! It is important that you fill your social media feed with supportive accounts.

One way to practice self care is to follow and engage with people who uplift and inspire you. Since we are celebrating Women’s History Month, this list of influencers features all women. Self care means that you are making yourself a priority and staying healthy, both emotionally and physically. Following influencers that you admire and who share great self care tips can inspire you to make self care a priority on your to-do list.

This is a list of my favorite self care influencers and some of the reasons I love to follow them for self-care. Hopefully it will inspire you to follow along and take care of yourself!

Women With Self-Care Blogs And Accounts To Follow On Instagram: 

  1. @justgirlproject: One of the first self-care bloggers and instagram accounts that comes to mind when on the topic of social media and having supportive accounts on my feed is the just girl project. Ilana Harvaky founded the website and the rest of the team you can find on the website here is made up of women who provide lots of helpful information and resources but the account on instagram alone holds so much useful information and tips to help you on the daily. I love seeing these post daily on my ig feed as they are the important reminder to practice self-care daily and a reminder of all the ways we can celebrate and practice self-care- whether it is discussing healthy boundaries in relationships and friendships, dealing with breakups, or sharing the reality of even highlighting and exposing the inaccuracies that Hollywood and the media portray for women. 
  2. @spiritdaughter: This is an instagram account for the website, Spirit Daughter which was founded by Jill Wintersteen, that I love to follow and have on my feed. This account is more of a spiritual lens when it comes to self-care and I appreciate the balance of motivational and building self-confidence quotes along with astrology messages. If you are someone who appreciates astrology but also could benefit from a more spiritual lens of taking care of yourself then this is the account you don’t want to miss out on.
  3. @lainey.molnar:The IG account of a very talented artist, Lainey Molnar. This account is not just wonderful to follow for the talented illustrations that depict women’s issues and topics we can relate to but her dedication to illustrations that depict the diversity amongst women and not just illustrating women of a certain glamorized Hollywood look that we so often see! This type of account is one that would have been so helpful growing up to see more realistic illustrations of women and for that reason I think it deserves all the follows and attention for self-care accounts to follow.  
  4. @i_weigh:   Founded by actress and activist Jameela Jamil (check out her ig @jameelajamil), the mission of I Weigh (as stated on their website) is to practice inclusivity and it does so by utilizing the platform as a space for voices of all different backgrounds to share their experiences and insight on different topics, many of which often relate back to mental health and self-care.  I love Jameela Jamil’s dedication and passion for having open, honest and vulnerable conversations with the guest speakers and her community and her own dedication to use her platform to call out harmful messages in the media and misrepresentations, especially when it comes to body image and the portrayal of womens bodies in the media. One of Jameela Jamil’s messages that she often relays to the I Weigh community is to unfollow the accounts that do not make you feel better about yourself or supported and that is a message that I think we can all use the reminder of more frequently, especially when practicing self-care while on social media.

I hope that you enjoy checking out these women on instagram and their self-care blogs and accounts. Let the celebration of women’s month continue!

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