My Clean Beauty Review of ILIA and Kosas Concealer

March 14, 2022
Image of Maddie in makeup

Not only did we lose an hour of sleep last night with daylights saving but a lot of us were celebrating St. Patricks day this weekend which most likely means that a lot of us are feeling a bit more tired this Sunday and if you are like me that usually means- the eyes are red and the bags are real! Of course, there is nothing wrong with the way we look with or without sleep it’s just that at times we feel the need to look alive, alert and well and that can mean trying to hide the fact that we were all out celebrating St. Pattys day all weekend. Whether that be the case for you or not, I figure this is the perfect time to do a review of my favorite clean beauty products for none other than CONCEALERS! As most of you know by now, I am on the clean beauty movement which means I have had to try out and test new makeup products and brands to find the ones that not only have clean ingredients but are also suitable for my very sensitive temperamental skin! So after spending time reading reviews and suggestions on blogs, I tried out a few different types of concealers to end up with these two that are apart of my clean beauty makeup routine: the ILIA true skin serum concealer and the Kosas revealer concealer!

My Clean Beauty Review of ILIA and Kosas Concealer

Image of Maddies wrist with ILIA concealer

Image of Maddie in makeup

Filter free photo wearing both the ILIA and Kosas concealer!  

ILIA True Skin Serum Concealer

Personal Review: In the above photo I am wearing a blend ofboth the ILIA concealer and the Kosas but I mostly stick with the ILIA for directly under the eye due to the more neutralizing tones that blend the under eye in well. I love that this concealer is not just a clean beauty product but that it has been perfect for my sensitive skin and most importantly, it is NOT drying! I haven’t felt any of that drying side effect that you so often find in the midst of the winter after a few hours of applying and setting concealer under the eyes.


Color: I use the Burdock SC 1.75 light with neutral warm undertones. This is definitely a neutral tone (less golden ish tones that I notice with the Kosas concealer).


Image of Kosas and ILIA concealer

 I blend a little bit Kosas concealer in with the ILIA concealer for under eye coverage while sticking to the Kosas concealer only for the other key spots of the face!

Image of Maddie's wrist with KOSAS concealer on itKosas Revealer Concealer

Personal Review: Again, I am wearing a mix of both concealers in the selfie above to give you an idea of how well these concealers do blend in! I like to use more of Kosas for an all over concealer! It blends super well with my more golden toned CC cream that I used. I use this concealer prior to putting on the CC cream and then again afterwards if need be for some more under the eye concealer cover up.  This concealer is creamy enough to the point that I do not ever feel the dryness that I may be experiencing due to the drying side effect of my retinol cream that I use at night. This is the hydrating concealer clean beauty product we all needed! Lastly, a little bit of this product goes a LONG way, which is great for a quick makeup application process but also lets you get your moneys worth out of this concealer!

Color: I use the Tone 3.5W light+ golden undertones. As mentioned above the golden undertones are very noticeable but I don’t mind being that I use a foundation that has golden undertones. Last time I was shopping for concealers, I was told that choosing a color that matches with your foundation can actually be more helpful for concealing the under eye as it blends in well without drawing attention too much like a few shades lighter color concealer will. So far, I have to say I agree and that is why I went with this more golden tone.


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