Five Fitness Classes To Try With Your Besties

September 17, 2021
Image of Maddie And Sara with a pink filter in the background with writing that says bring your bestie workouts

If you are like us you may find yourself easily bored by the repetition of doing the same old workouts which can quickly lead to burnout or giving up on maintaining an active lifestyle- which is when those class passes and group fitness classes come in handy. One of the things that the two of us loved while going to college and living in the same city- was trying out fitness classes together! Amongst all the classes that we tried- we found ourselves both loving barre fitness the best (special shoutout to Barre Code in Ann Arbor) which quickly led to the two of us working at the fitness studio due to our pure love for the studio, the classes, and the overall welcoming environment that genuinely made fitness fun! So for those of you who are wondering what classes to try out and wanting more insight into what you can expect- we are giving you the details on our favorite classes we have tried out and what to expect!

Maddie and Sara’s Favorite Classes To Do Together: 

  1. Barre: For those of you who would love a blend of dance, strength, and really tiring out specific muscle groups- this is the class for you! As mentioned- we LOVED barre code in Ann Arbor and it has stuck with us as being the best of the best for ourselves as it blends the typical barre strengthening workouts with quick cardio movements to give you a two in one session- giving you a sweat sesh in one hour that works on both cardio and strength- not much can beat it! Make sure to pack a water, socks (preferably gripped socks), and to wear leggings as most barre studios require.
  2. Dance Cardio/Zumba: For those of you who have yet to read our review of the best online dance cardio classes, we are big fans of finding any form of exercise that revolves around dancing s0 of course Zumba is a favorite must try out class that we recommend! While the levels can vary depending upon where you go- we don’t think you can go wrong with spending an hour dancing no matter the level of difficulty! But for those getting back into fitness- this is the best type of class to get excited about attending with your besties!
  3. Kickboxing: This was one that we tried out and found to be so challenging but a great time to sweat it out with a group of friends. In our experience you are given stations to rotate thru – most of which focus on kickboxing but sometimes switching it up with ergs, jumprope and any other equipment that you can think of that would tire you out in a short interval! Often times we had the chance to spot one another which is fun/ provides some comedic relief and a break when you feel just about ready for it.
  4. Tabata: For those of you who are looking for a great cardio sweat sesh- tabata is the choice for you! This is very similar to HIIT but they usually revolve around forty seconds on twenty seconds off intervals – which by the end has you feeling like forty seconds is WAY too long! In our experience- these have been the classes that really tire you out with a focus on cardio but utilizing weights which gives you the ability to reap the benefits similar to that of a strength training sesh! 
  5. Rebounding:  Remember as kids we couldn’t wait to find a friend who had a trampoline?! Well, now as adults we feel the same way- because now we have the ability to go to a group fitness class that will provide us all with mini trampolines to jump it out and get our exercise in! This is way too fun to not try making it one for you and your besties to try out if you discover a fitness program that offers it! This exercise works your abs more than you expect and has way more of that fun dance vibe while the music is blasted throughout the studio and the playlist consist of todays hits!