What To Watch On Apple TV: The Morning Show, Ted Lasso and More

September 17, 2021

With Fall just around the corner, like days within our reach, we are trying our best to get over those summer blues and build up as much excitement for the change in season, despite our low tolerance for cooler weather, by focusing on the aspects that we appreciate about the seasonal change!  While we have detailed much of the one area that we know how best to welcome a new season, with decor (see Fall Decor Ideas), we have yet to take the time to discuss another area that we love best about Fall and that is the entertainment. More specifically-  we look forward to Saturday college game days (go blue!), Sunday football (of which the two of us have totally different teams to follow) and of course the increase in tv shows that will premier, make their debut or come back for another season!

Which brings us to this months entertainment- a guide to the series that are best to binge watch this fall, specifically on Apple TV! These have all had a new season debut recently or have one coming asap-making these ones to dedicate your next date with your couch to watching!

These are the Four Shows On Apple Tv We are Binge Watching:

  1. Ted Lasso – This is one for anyone looking for lighthearted, happy, comedic relief at the end of your fall day. Starring Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach who is hired to coach an European professional soccer team, despite having no experience and little knowledge of the sport – this show goes into the personal lives of each character, all hilariously different,  that come to be Ted Lasso’s new and really only family he has across the pond.  Don’t worry if you aren’t the biggest sports fan, this isn’t a show that only appeals to sports lovers or – its far more about relationships and interpersonal relationships rather than competition and dedication that you so often see coming up in sports related entertainment shows and movies and from those who I know who have watched this show- their wide array of interests all have taken a liking (more like a love) to this show!  At this point my entire family, who all have different tastes and preferences in entertainment, are watching this series weekly.
  2. The Morning Show – With the second season premiering tomorrow- we are beyond excited as we have waited for this new season with much anticipation and so many questions. Season two will have big shoes to fill and has us waiting with much anticipation to find out the aftermath of what happens when a major scandal breaks loose to the public about the nations most watch morning show? We will find out how or if the workplace structure shifts in season two!
  3. Truth Be Told –  We briefly discussed this one in last month’s entertainment – and we have been enjoying it since the second season’s debut!  This series stars Octavia Spencer, a host of a popular crime podcast that aims at seeking the truth, which in the past (the first season) has meant getting herself involved and leading her own investigation to find out what exactly has happened. While I have yet to find much out about this next season- if it is anything like the last I know I will be glued to the screen! And it happens to introduce a new main character played by Kate Hudson- so this is def one to watch! This is an excellent series to start watching right now if you haven’t seen it yet as season two is about four episodes deep into a new crime investigation.
  4. Home Before Dark – This is an under the radar series that I haven’t heard much about but found myself curious enough to check it out a few months back. While this is not one that will be everyone’s cup of tea as it interestingly offers a murder mystery solved by a daughter and father duo, to which the daughter is maybe ten years old- these two hold their own personal investigations into the disappearance of the father’s childhood friend whose killer, he thinks, was wrongfully convicted! This is a good one to binge watch if you want something different and not as intense as some murder mysteries can be- but enough to keep your mind occupied and intrigued to binge watch these two seasons!