10 Tv Shows To Binge Watch This Mother’s Day

April 17, 2021
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If there is one thing that I can confidently call myself a pro at– it’s being the go to source for entertainment suggestions, especially ones that you can watch with mom. Why such a specific area of expertise?! Having grown up with a sister ten years older than me (who is now a mom herself) and being very close to my mom/being her youngest (/fav? jk) child, I have had enough girls nights watching entertainment that caters to an audience with an age range of thirty years plus. If these experiences weren’t enough, then this year has surely solidified my pro status having spent countless night in front of the tv during quarantine with the fam. Now, with mother’s day approaching, I can put these skills to further use by giving you the best of the best tv series to entertain both you and your mom this mothers day weekend that will supply you with some good laughs, heartfelt moments, as well as the challenges that come with the mother daughter relationship. So for those looking to spend some extra, but also low- key, time with mom this mothers day weekend, here is your go to guide to find the best series for you to binge watch with mom!

Tv Shows:

  1. Ginny and Georgia – A mom daughter drama series that is able to give it’s audience a more intimate depiction of the mom daughter relationship and it’s complexities all the while keeping the audience very entertained with these full of personality characters. It’s full of entertaining omg type of moments and drama that will make for the excellent binge watch for you and mom! Where To Watch: Netflix
  2. Gilmore Girls – A light hearted, quirky, tv series depicting a former teen mom raising her now teen daughter as a single mom. This is a series that a lot of us twenty somethings and older watched while growing up and now when we watch a show like Ginny and Georgia, we realize just how g rated the material and topics covered in this popular series were. But nonetheless it is still one to remember and an entertaining cast that delivers you much appreciation to mom this mothers day! Oh and how could we forget, this has one of the cutest small town settings that you will fall in love with! Where to Watch: Netflix
  3. Little Fires Everywhere – LOVE this series. and felt so fortunate that this came out when it did- the beginning of covid when we were desperately seeking entertainment that was actually of value. Just watch this- it’s great, it’s moving, it’s emotional and it’s very much a show that has its fair share of screen time focusing on the mother daughter relationships. Plus do we need to say more when this show stars Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon?! Nope- it’s a must watch! Where to Watch: Hulu
  4. Big Little Lies – This show focuses on a group of moms living in a wealthy (insanely BEAUTIFUL) community in California and living seemingly perfect lives. Although the plot is centered around an investigation, its focus is on the women and illustrating the reality that no matter how successful, grown up, or perfect someone seems that there is an inner struggle that can’t be seen on surface level. This well done series, with Hollywoods best actresses, will give any viewer appreciation for their parent, mom, guardian, elder, whoever raised them despite having their own struggled and battles. If the talented cast and drama isn’t enough to win you over then the scenery and soundtrack sure will! Where to Watch: Hulu, HBO Max
  5. Sweet Magnolias– In my opinion this is a show that is more appealing to mothers but it is mothers day right?! This is a slower paced show that offers some drama but not as jam packed as the others on the list. It features a group of three women, who have been bff’s since early childhood, who are now navigating parenthood, love, relationships, divorce and careers with the help and support of each other in an adorable small southern town. If you are looking a g-rated show that is newer than Gilmore girls, then here it is! Where to Watch: Netflix
  6. This Is Us – This is a show that everyone has been talking about since its debut in 2016 as it appeals to a wide range of audiences- telling the story of a family throughout different stages and generations. There is much focus on the mother daughter relationships as it focuses on the women in this family throughout each role as daughter, wife to mother to grandma and whatever is in between. This does an excellent job at portraying the complexities of the family unit and the very different relationships that coexist within the family unit. Where to Watch: Hulu
  7. Bridgerton – The juiciest Netflix original series to come out this past year and while that may make for a case to not watch this with mom, I would argue that it’s probably one of the few juicier shows out there that any women, regardless of age, still appreciates. This show is tailored to reach a wide range of tastes as it presents a time period piece, which in my family is usually of interest to the older crowd, with a modern day influence/ lens making it appealing to younger audience. If that weren’t enough to peak your interest, season one did an amazing job at finding hollywoods new heart throb obsession, Regé-Jean Page, that every girl, women, mom, grandma is ogling over. Where to Watch: Netflix
  8. Dickinson– Similar to Bridgerton in that it is a time period piece with modern day influence, this too provides a unique story for both mom and you to watch this mothers day. Dickinson is about the famous poet Emily Dickinson and if you didn’t know much about her before, like myself, she makes for a very dramatic series as she was way more progressive for her time than most women, or at least thats what the series has you believing. There are lots of risque moments, so be forewarned, but if you have an open enough relationship– this will be a series worth the binge watch. Where to Watch: Apple Tv
  9. Firefly Lane – Another Netflix 2021 original series starring two female leads, that has garnered a lot of attention. Unlike Ginny and Georgia though, this series is focused on the friendship between two women, who are nothing alike, who have been best friends since growing up on firefly lane. Being that the friendship started when they were early teens, this story does delve into the mother daughter relationship with each of these girls having very different relationships with their mom. And in the case of Katherine Heigl’s character, it makes you either appreciate your own mother or the friends that help you get through the ups and downs, either way there is a lot of celebrating female relationships and their influence. Where to Watch: Netflix
  10. In the Dark – While the premise of this show is about a visually impaired women investigating what she believes, is the murder of her best friend, this show focuses just as much, if not more, on character development. This makes for an unexpectedly excellent mothers day binge, too, as it goes into the relationships between the main character, her parents, and her friends- highlighting the influence each relationship and providing an all too relatable phenomenon for most twenty something years olds of feeling misunderstood, judged, and frustrated by their loved ones as they stumble through the chaos of their twenties. Where to Watch: Netflix