With Christmas just over a week away – we figure that y’all are at peak holiday party season to which we thought we would be helpful and make your holiday party season a little more easier in preparation by sharing some fun drink recipes! For Thanksgiving, we shared a post on what to bring if you don’t cook (be sure to check that out for some tasty recipes that work excellently for all holiday parties) so keeping up with that theme we thought we would share some fun easy drink recipes that are easy to re-create for those of you who may not consider yourselves seasoned bartenders/ mixologists! Not only are these recipes delish, but they also include some fun traditional holiday mixes and most importantly all of these are sure to please your friends and get you off the hook for cooking this holiday!

Before we get into the recipes- consider checking out amazon or the nearest target to find some pitchers to serve your tasty drinks in because well this is key to your drink contribution! To make it extra festive and fancy- consider adding seasonal garnishes to your pitcher. For holiday drinks, consider fresh herbs or whole spices. Anise looks beautiful and rosemary stems will add some greenery to your pitcher. Perhaps try cinnamon sticks, lemon, or oranges. When you are adding garnishes to your drink, make sure you consider how they will flavor the drink and add them on your way out the door so they look fresh! Of course some of the recipes we are sharing have their own fruit or garnish so that makes them super easy.

Fun Drink Recipes For The Holidays 

  1. Apple Cider Sangria – This apple cider sangria recipe is one of our very own fun drink recipes that is so delish! This is one of Sara’s fav fall/ late fall and holiday drinks to make. With just five ingredients you can have fun and enjoy making this holiday drink.
  2. Cranberry St. Germain Cocktail – Check out this fun drink recipe from well-plated! There are multiple ways to create this cocktail, with several options for alcohol, or you can make it without alcohol for everyone at the table. We love this one because of the beautiful red cranberries and the ease of being able to choose different types of alcohol depending on preference.
  3. Mulled Cider –  Check out this recipe from Oh so Delicious to find out how to make this classic holiday drink! While we say classic, it wasn’t until last year that we really discovered the love for this holiday drink and since then we are all for it and anticipate making it not just for the holidays but for future cold winter nights! What better way to greet your guests than with a warm fun drink recipe?!
  4. Boozy Grinch Punch – If you are feeling particularly creative or want to feel like you contributed something out of the ordinary check out this Boozy Grinch Punch recipe from delish to serve your friends a GREEN tasty drink! Not only will these be different from the rest but they take less than half an hour and make for those perfect insta worthy moments to capture and share this holiday season!
  5. Cranberry Mimosa – And last but certainly not least, when in doubt go with a classic cranberry mimosa! These are fun, easy and festive and are best put together at the party served with some cute party champagne glasses (like these) and/ or with some fresh cranberries and lime or a rosemary sprig for a great presentation!
These are just a few fun drink recipes for the holidays to consider! Whatever it is that you choose we hope you have fun prepping for the holidays with your holiday party celebrations!