What To Bring To Thanksgiving – Fun And Easy Recipes

November 18, 2021
Image of a cake that says happy thanksgiving on it

The holidays are almost upon us! This means that it’s party season, it’s eating season, it’s “oh crap, I have to figure out what on earth to make for an upcoming party” season. And we know that it can seem daunting to add yet another to-do to your holiday list when it comes to supplying an entree for your next holiday party but we assure you that it doesn’t have to be! The two of us have struggled with procrastinating which means we have left plenty of holiday meal prep to the last minute and therefore have found us stumbling upon these fun easy ideas that also happen to be delish!   While we have done our fair share of last minute meals- we want you to ease into the holiday season as stress free as possible so that you can look forward to celebrating with your loved ones- which is why we are putting together a list of recipes for y’all to consider bring to Thanksgiving. These are fun and more importantly easy recipes so that no matter your level of cooking expertise- you will be able to replicate these recipes on your own. So whether it’s that you are limited on time, you lack the expertise, or you anticipate lots of overcrowding in your apartment kitchen as the rest of your roomies scurry around trying to make something last minute – whatever it may be that prohibits you from cooking some elaborate time consuming entree- we have got you covered with these fun and easy recipes for each course to give you a well rounded guide for what to bring to this Thanksgiving!

Fun And Easy Recipes To Bring To Thanksgiving:

What To Bring For Drinks

  • Apple Cider Sangria  This is sure to be a crowd please this Thanksgiving. This is a super fun and easy drink recipe that only requires an overnight to allow the fruit to sit and truly give it that sweet sangria taste we all love. 

What To Bring For An Appetizer – 

  • Cheese Boards – Because who doesn’t enjoy a cheese board at any celebration?! Put together your favorite cheeses and crackers, sliced breads, and or nuts to serve to your guests. If you are looking for more particular ideas- check out this cheese board that Sara is a huge fan of making and her recipe for her favorite combo of a fruit and cheese board!
  • Nacho Dip Appetizer – This nacho dip appetizer is hands down the most delish easy appetizer you could make. The biggest concern you will have is whether everyone will get to enjoy it before it is devoured- because in the past this game day app has barely made it into the second quarter before its totally gone. Being that it is a fav fall game day app to bring to any tailgate – we figure that it makes for the perfect Thanksgiving app to bring too!

What To Bring For An Entree –

  • Apple, Craisin and Boursin Cheese Salad  – I mean who can pass up a salad with Boursin cheese?! This cheese is insanely delish but the combination of the fresh sliced apples mixed with the sweetness of craisins gives you all the taste your company could ask for.  
  • Fun Date Night Salad – Yes this date night salad idea can double as a lovely side option at your holiday celebration with all your loved ones!  This salad is a great option for a crowd of mixed dietary preferences (because who doesn’t appreciate quinoa?!) with its minimal but very tasteful ingredients!
  • Homemade Vinaigrettes – Top off your salad selection with one of our homemade vinaigrettes recipes to serve your company. loved ones with the perfect tasteful dressing! These are so simple with few ingredients have are subtle enough but give your something to add to your salad!

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What To Bring For Dessert- 

  • Thanksgiving Day Goodie Bags–  Yes we said Thanksgiving day goodie bags and as you can see in our Thanksgiving day goodie bag tutorial these are goodie bags that any loved one, no matter their age, will appreciate receiving at Thanksgiving! Pair together wrapped chocolates (even better if you find festive ones), Snyder’s pretzel sandwiches, candy corns, caramel popcorn, and peanuts and fill up a goodie bag and wrap it with fun festive ribbon along and a handwritten holiday note card for your loved ones to truly feel the love this holiday season! Place these at each guests seat so that when they sit down to eat they can all enjoy your sweet contribution : )

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