Tips To Style Casual New Years Eve Outfits

December 29, 2021
Image of Maddie with style tips for new years eve word art

New Years Eve is just days away and while we are still in disbelief that 2020 will soon be two years ago (like how!?) we are, however, well prepared to ring in the new year with some fun and unique ways to celebrate the New Year and some stylish ways!  While the two of us are happy to be low key and stay in for the holiday we are well aware that some of our readers are excited to get out and celebrate with a night out so we have taken it upon ourselves to give some style inspo and tips to make a basic and casual outfit idea more enhanced for a fun party look! We love to keep things comfortable and hence why we gravitate towards the idea of styling casual outfits but these tips can be incorporated into any type of attire that your evening calls for!

Tips To Style Casual New Year’s Eve Outfits 

Okay so first things first, the biggest way we know how to celebrate in style for New Years Eve is with glitter!  Now that does not mean you have to wear some flashy dress or the most sparkly outfit that is beyond your taste- we are here to share all the ways you can wear this very New Years Eve stylish detail into your outfit! More importantly, we are sharing ways to do so to compliment any dress code- whether you are going super casual with jeans and a cute top or you are going somewhere in the middle with a classic LBD- these style tips will help you add some shine to your night and get you feeling especially excited for the New Year.

Image of Maddie in different tops


Tips For New Year’s Eve Clothing:

  • Consider a sparkly, sequin blazer/ jacket to go over your outfit. Whether you are wearing a dress, a skirt, or jeans and a basic top- throwing a shiny bright jacket over will add some flair to your outfit, perfect for NYE! If you are wanting to keep the outfit affordable- check out amazon for some affordable blouse options- we love the brands like SHEIN that are super affordable and perfect for one time events like this!
  • Sparkly tops: Again if you have a sequin top or a shiny top- this is perfect for the night! Again, if you want to spend a few extra on the outfit- check out amazon to see if you can find any party wear tops!
  • See through tops: this is perfect for those who want to throw on their fav pair of cute jeans but still feel a little more dressed for a celebratory occasion. A mesh top is perfect with a cute bralette. If this is the case- think about enhancing your party look through accessories which brings us to our fav part of the party look…

Tips For New Year’s Eve Accessories:Image of different accessories

  • Jewelry: This is our favorite part to any outfit as it’s the best way to enhance and personalize your outfit and look! We love using jewelry as a form of self-expression but for those who are wondering what to do for new years eve to enhance their look- think of big rings or shiny bracelets or necklaces. Especially if you are going with a more subtle outfit or a neutral color top- adding a bold necklace gives you a fun party look!
  • Nails: This doesn’t require a trip to the salon for one night party nail look – you can simply do your own sparkly manicure to add some shimmer and shine. Additionally if you want an even more enhanced look- lets not forget about those store bough fake nails that will last you that one night without having to deal with the longer term hassle of long nails. Yes they may seem middle school but if done right it’ll seem like a salon quality manicure and make you feel more fancy for the night!
  • Purses: Nothing makes us feel more prepared for a special night out like our party purses do. You know those clutches that are for more formal events or just too special for an everyday outfit – pull them out! If you are looking around – look out for sparkly or sequin clutches! Quite honestly, we have had our fair share of T.J. Maxx trips at various times throughout the year where we see the cutest sparkly clutches!
  • Makeup: Highlighter and shiny eyeshadow is the way to go! If you are doing more subtle casual look- you can still incorporate some shine through choosing a shiny eyeshadow palette over a matte and some highlighter on the cheekbones and or brow bones. If you want to get more of that fun party feel thru your makeup- try choosing a colorful eyeliner and or ones with some sparkle- like one of our fav gel eyeliners from urban decay. If you are looking for eyeliner hacks check out our blog post to find out easy ways to line your beautiful eyes just in time for NYE. We also love using highlighter powder on the inner corner of the eye to really brighten and awaken the eyes especially for a party look where lots of pics could be taken!

Whether you dress it up for you go more casual we hope you have fun styling your New Years Eve Outfit!