Eyeliner Beauty Hacks For Beginners

September 21, 2021
Image of Eyeliner and Eye Makeup With Brushes

Aside from the pure lack of need during the pandemic- I decided to give up on any eyeliner altogether because well to be honest it’s the one makeup struggle that no matter the time, practice, and patience I can not seem to nail down. Forget the cate eye, winged eye and tight lined eye- I could no longer find reason to spare an extra half an hour on my makeup routine just to get a very blah eye makeup look. I tried tutorial and all the products out there that claimed to make those very desirable winged eye makeup looks easier but nevertheless no product took. While I was happy to give up makeup for most of the time we were cooped up in our homes- as time went on and we were able to safely socialize a bit more- there became a desire to return to some normalcy and with that came my re-exploration of eye makeup, trying to find ways to enhance the eyes in simple, easy to follow ways and steps. Alas, I have found my own ways to outlining the eye to enhance this feature and give it a bit of a pop and more importantly these are ways that any beginner or individual looking to simplify and shorten their makeup routine can follow!

Read on for some of Maddie’s Favorite Eyeliner Hacks To Simplify Her Beauty Routine!

 Four Eyeliner Beauty Hacks For Beginners To Consider:

Hack #1: Stick To Gel Pencils

If you are dedicated to the lined eye look in the traditional sense via an eyeliner product- stick to gel eye liners. These are significantly easier to use and depending on the brand they typically are thicker which I think requires less of a stable consistent hand to apply to achieve an even outline! BUT more importantly- finding a gel with a window of time to smudge is key because……..

Hack #2: Use An Eyeliner Brush

Using an eyeliner brush can come in handy when using a gel pencil eyeliner. Typically these gel liners have a short window of time that you can easily blend or smudge out in case you find yourself needing to blend out any imperfections!

Close Up demonstration of gel liner applied to a wrist and then blended in

Hack #3: Use Eyeshadow To Line Your Eyes

This is my go to if I am short on time- using my typical eyeshadow routine and favorite palette I will typically go back in with an eyeliner brush and conservatively (very conservatively) apply the darkest shade of the palette to lightly outline from the mid eye to the outside of the eye to give a subtly more enhanced eye look! If you apply too much, no stress as you can go back in with your eyeshadow brush and blend it in. If you are feeling adventurous you can create a winged eye lined look and again go back in with a eyeshadow brush and blend it in and outwards to achieve and more winged eye look! Additionally- I will usually use the tip of an angled brush to apply a small dot of the darkest shade shadow to the center of both bottom eyelids that is so small that it is not apparent to any bystander but still does the trick in drawing attention to your beautiful eyes!

Hack #4: Skip It & Focus On Mascara

When in doubt- just use mascara! Using mascara makes the eye pop so much as it is that if you have your basic eyeshadow applied to enhance the eye and your eye color- some mascara will definitely do the trick in making your eyes stand out that much more! Be sure to apply mascara to the bottom lashes as well if you are skipping the eyeliner look altogether!

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