Four Of The Best Gel Eyeliners

October 5, 2021
image of gel eyeliners next to a makeup bag

Last month I spent some time shopping around to update my makeup collection, particularly for the eyes. The eyes, to me, are the biggest game changer when it comes to the power of makeup and its abilities to enhance our features. Personally, I am someone who notices eye makeup first, which is why I put a lot of importance on the brands and products that I use during my eye makeup routine. Of course, if you read my last post on eye makeup then you know that, ironically, eyeliner is one of my biggest struggles when it comes to applying makeup but nonetheless the eyes are still an area that I will always focus on and be on the quest to find new and improved eye makeup products, tool, tips and tricks! So below, you can find some of my favorite finds that I have purchased along with my favorites from years past that have allowed me to enhance my eyes with ease.

Read on to find out four of the gel eyeliners we love using to enhance our eyes! 

The Four Best Gel Eyeliners To Consider: 

  1. 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil by Urban Decay   Following up on my last post regarding eyeliner makeup hacks- I shared
    Close Up demonstration of gel liner applied to a wrist and then blended in

    Check out our eyeliner hack to see how we easily apply gel here liners like Urban Decays!

    one of my go to types of eyeliner for easy application and that is gel eyeliner pencils. The reason is that they are simply easier for those who like myself struggle to apply an even sharp eyeliner. Being able to blend any imperfections or just purely blend to enhance the eye but disregard that traditional sharp lined eye look- then these are the best friend your eyes need! What I had yet to discuss was my love for the Urban Decay Gel Liners. These are the ones that I find best blend in when you are taking advantage of that thirty second window post application time frame where blending is still easily possible!  While everyone will have colors they prefer or feel will compliment their eyes best- I will say I have been loving corrupt and mushroom colors especially for this Fall!

  2. Caviar Stick Eye Color by Laura Mercier Laura Mercier sells very high quality long lasting gel liners that should be on your radar if you are shopping for some new eye makeup! These may say eye color and look thicker to you than the traditional eyeliner pencils would have but rest assured these are a product you don’t want to miss out from because they are the easiest and fastest yet one of the prettiest ways to enhance your beautiful eyes! They have one of the prettiest purple lavender shades called Rose Thorn that is perfect for a thicker lined eye look or a well blended gel eye shadow look!
  3.  Sex Kitten by Tarte  Again a liner you can apply with ease  and this time it comes double ended with one side being the gel liner and the other end being the tool you can use to blend it out! This is a perfect two for one if you want a product that you can travel with or pack in your bag to reapply without remembering any extra tools, aka eyeliner brushes, to use to smudge it out!
  4. Sea Surfer Curl by Tarte If you like clean vegan friendly products- then you probably have heard of sea by Tarte. I love Tarte cosmetics personally so of course I have tried out their sea products as well. I find both these types of eyeliners to be great gel liners- the sea one does advertise especially for being waterproof and given the nature of its name my guess is that that is the biggest difference between the two. The reviews all rave in its favor and personally, I feel these reviews do not lie! Oh yeah and even better – this pencil comes with a cap that can be used as a pencil sharpener so no more having to travel with extra tools and sharpeners!