The Best Of The Sephora Clean Beauty Products To Set Makeup

February 9, 2022
Image of setting sprays and setting powders

As some of you may know by now, I have jumped on the clean beauty lifestyle and have totally gone through my makeup and made changes where needed and have been testing out new clean products to find the ones that best work with my sensitive skin! I am someone who really does not like to switch it up when it comes to the products I put on my face because I know that I could be just one wrong product away from a major breakout. But as I have mentioned, I have made the choice to hop on the clean beauty lifestyle (you can read more my about why here) which has resulted in trying out new brands and new products for particular makeup. So far, I have been in luck having found brands and makeup that have worked well with my acne prone skin  and have yet to deal with a breakout resulting from these new products. So today, I am sharing the one particular part to my makeup routine that has totally switched to give y’all my honest opinion on these different brands and there finishing powders and setting sprays because we all know that can make a hugeee difference on our makeup look of the day!

The Best Of Sephora Clean Beauty Products To Set Your Makeup:

Image of ILIA setting powder

I love that this clean product offers additional skin protection with SPF!

ILIA Radiant Translucent SPF 20 ILIA is one of those must know brands for clean at Sephora beauty! I love that this brand offers a setting powder with SPF coverage in it because what’s better than a clean product that will also help add another level of protection! The one thing to know is that this product can be drying if you apply too much all over! I like to think a little goes a long way with this product and make sure to only use it on areas that don’t typically dry out on my face. Despite having very oily skin, in the winter (along with my tretinoin cream) my face will still stay oily but feel dry and with too much of this product I have found myself feeling even more dry and needing to spray my face with water mist in a major way. But as mentioned- using a little amount on the non dry areas of the face has worked well for me and keeping my makeup staying put plus my sensitive skin has been very happy with the introduction of this new product (aka no breakouts).

Image of Bare Minerals Setting powder

The Bare Minerals Veil is perfect for setting your makeup without drying your skin out!

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil This setting powder is amazing! It has a bit of a shiny tint to it to aid in enhancing your beautiful face but don’t worry it is so subtle you can barely notice it! As mentioned above, my face can feel very dry in the winter, despite the fact that is is very oily and looks oily at all times so this products has done wonders in making my face appear less oily and more of a matte setting powder with some shine and best of all- it does NOT dry out your skin whatsoever. They do sell this with SPF but being that I found the ILIA setting powder with SPF to be a little too drying to use on certain parts of the face, I felt it was best to opt out of the SPF and use this powder for those drier areas and it was the perfect choice! This is a mustttt have clean beauty product for setting your makeup!

Image of Setting powder

The illuminating mineral veil is so subtle and easy to blend and set your makeup for an everyday look!  


ILIA Blue Light Protect + Set Mist I have been very pleased with this setting spray and have found use in both using it to set my makeup and retouch when my makeup felt a little dry and could use some mist! I love that this is clean and also helps protect skin from pollution and the effects of blue light!

Caudalie Grape Moisturizing Face Mist When dealing with winter- dry skin is a big concern especially when you know you will be out all day full face of makeup! This spray was a necessary addition to my clean beauty products because it helps my skin stay fresh and when the winter dryness gets the best of me I know that a quick spray of this products will help minimize that dry feelings and keep my makeup in place!


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