A Review Of Supergoop CC Cream & More From This Brand

January 23, 2022
Image of Supergoop Products

If you saw my last natural beauty tips post, then you know that one of my goals for the new year is to re-establish my beauty routine so that it includes solely clean makeup. You can read more on the reasons that made me turn to using clean beauty products along with some helpful yet easy ways to find these clean products here! Little did I know that one of the brands that I had been using was part of the clean at Sephora collection which gave me more reason to test out more products from this beauty brand- Supergoop! Some of y’all may be familiar with the brand due to its well deserved popularity but for those of you who have yet to try it out then you are just in luck as I am sharing with y’all three of my favorite products from the beauty brand that have been getting the most use on the daily!

The Supergoop! Everyday Sunscreen You Will Want To Consider 

Mineral Mattescreen SPF 40

image of supergoop cc cream and matte screen

For more makeup coverage I love using the matte screen as the primer and then applying the cc screen with my beauty blender.

Okay so this has to be my most used beauty product at this point. For people with oil AF skin like mine, you know the struggles and the time it takes to get our skin prepped and ready for the day. Well with this mattescreen you essentially have a three for one as this seems to prime and prep my skin and protect all the while decreasing the amount of shine that is usually visible after applying other liquids and especially spfs products.  This makes applying skin care coverage so much quicker as I can use my hands to apply this product all over my face before exposing my skin to sunlight! Because of the easy application, I am so much better and so much more aware of my skin coverage and protection. While this won’t quite give you a makeup foundational look think of this as that setting primer that you can either wear as is for a natural look or use the cc screen for your foundation over this mattescreen primer!

CC Screen SPF 50 

If you are on the market for a new foundation and have sensitive skin then this is one to consider! This product is great not only because it has spf 50 but it blend well with a beauty blender and a little goes a longgg way! As for the final results- this gives you enough coverage to cover up blemishes or redness that you may experience but a more natural look which as you know we love! Being that I am someone who can breakout easily, especially if a products is harsh and clogs my pores, I have been very pleased with this product so far and haven’t noticed any negative changes in my skin since switching over to this cc cream as my only foundation!

Image of Supergoop SPF Eye mineralProduct

Bright-Eyed Mineral Eye Cream SPF 40 

For those of you who are less concerned with the eye makeup but want to make sure your eyes are protected- this is the product to consider! I have yet to try out the eyeshadows as I have naturally oily eyelids and prefer to use powder eyeshadows to keep eye makeup set but for an everyday use when I am out for daily walks or even going for a workout and running errands this product can quickly be applied and blended to give your eyes protection with a little bit of brightness added. I seriously don’t leave home without this on my eyes or a hat on to give my eyes that coverage! For those who may live near the beach or warmer climates where you want an everyday product to quickly apply with your hands and not have to rely on makeup coverage – consider this Supergoop product!



These are just three of Supergoop’s! everyday sunscreen products that have been amazing for my sensitive skin and getting the most use out of!  So far, I have been very impressed with this clean beauty brand and will be sure to give y’all some more reviews on the rest of this collection!